Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunny Day x

Thank you to everyone who has commented...I really enjoy reading your thoughts. It's lovely to get such positive feedback and advice.
It's been a lovely warm sunny day here in North Wales.
The sun certainly had his hat on.
Here are some photos from today....
I think this is a perennial corn flower if anyone knows different please tell
I thought it was quite spectacular.

Gazing up at the blue sky through the cow parsley.

My little girl's paddling pool before the splashing commenced!

The butterflies are finally out and about in force...

...and from another angle, sorry couldn't resist. Love butterflies!

Damselfly hanging out by the pond...

...and one more cow parsley photo because I love it! Lovely blue sky too.
I've missed the sunny weather amazing how it can lift your sprits.
We've had a lovely day just being outside, playing ball games and enjoying being together.
Hope whatever the weather and wherever you are, you've had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Lovely pics again FB, thank you! I love butterflies and dragonflies ( just looked up 'damselfly' to find that it's from the same family 'Odonata' as the dragonfly only the damsel folds its wings when resting)! Something new learned - good to keep the cogs turning!
    Do you know the name of that pretty little pink flower?
    I'm happy to hear you are having sunshine over there - we've been having a few good days too but since it's Autumn we should be having more rain again soon. Joy xx

    1. Hello Joy,
      Lovely to hear from you again. Always look forward to your comments. That's an interesting fact about Dragonflies and danselfiles you can get very pretty bright blue ones I've not seen one yet this year.
      The flower the butterfly is on is aubresia I think that's how you spell it...
      It grows in a huge cluster of pinks and purple I have it tumbling down my stone wall.
      I hope you keep having sunshine, hope you have a lovely week xx

  2. This weather has been lovely, hasn't it. I'm glad you've had lots of sun and blue skies too. Amazing photos of the damselfly and butterfly. x

    1. Thank you Gillian so nice of you to say. The weather has been lovely x

  3. Lovely images of the flowers and wildlife. I love cow parsley too and the blue cornflower it is also known as Knapweed and is a favourite of bees too. I'm glad it was warm enough over the weekend for the paddling pool.
    Sarah x

    1. Oh thank you for that knapweed I must remember that...far too pretty to have weed in its name. I have noticed the bees buzzing around it :)x

  4. Oh you've painted a lovely summer's day ... flowers, insects, paddling pools ... tried to get a photo with a bee yesterday but I jumped about too much! Your butterfly and damselfly photos are just lovely :-)

  5. What a beautiful post, all that sunshine is wonderful to see especially as it's pouring with rain here right now!
    Your last photo of the cow parsley and blue sky is breathtaking.
    love jooles xxx

  6. I love the cow parsley photos! It has been lovely to have sunshine over the weekend, makes us all feel better!
    M x

  7. Gorgeous photos, the weather was lovely while it lasted, hope we get some more nice days soon!

  8. The photos are so pretty! Butterflies and dragonflies are great to watch. I love those blue skies! Sunny, warm weather is a beautiful thing!

  9. Thanks for your lovely comment, and for visiting me! Our weather has turned cold and wet again so no chance of paddling pools for us just now. Hope your week is going well. Juliex


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