Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pig Racing and Making

Hello all.....
Well its been a busy week.
This weekend has been a little bit different to last, the weather mainly.
Last weekend was full of sun this weekend overcast and blah!
But it hasn't spoilt our fun.
Today we all jumped into my best friends car and took a trip to the local farm park.
It's a lovely place to visit with friendly staff and lots to keep children and adults busy.
Well worth a visit if your ever in the area.
Here are some photos from our trip....
Pig racing...they seem to really enjoy it.
Isabelle the cow very kindly let us practice our milking skills on her.
Here's my daughter having a go at milking.
and sorry couldn't resist a photo of this super cute baby bunnies.
I have been crocheting away making owls and bows mostly this week.
The charity shop that I volunteer at has asked me to make some crafts for them so I've been busy making. I had to literally blow the dust off my sewing machine, but have put it to some use this week making tote bags and hanging hearts.
Here are some of the crocheted owls and bows....

 The owls are wonderful and I think I might be a bit addicted to making them! Check out the tutorial here on one of my favourite blogs.
The last thing to tell you about is our house guest, my Grannie's dog Flossie.
Here she is surveying the garden it was nice to have a doggie for a few days although my cats nearly disowned me!
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend


  1. I did enjoy my visit to the Farm Park FB - lovely pics and I think the visit would have been especially exciting for your daughter! Thank you!
    You have been very industrious since last we heard from you - your little owls are very cute and nicely done - you shouldn't have much trouble in hatching a few KittyKats out?
    I hope your week is a really good one with plenty real sunshine!
    Joy xx

    1. Hello Joy.
      Yes my daughter had a fab time visiting all the animals. Yes I've been quite busy hooking away!
      Kitty Kats are coming I have made the body but am having a bit of trouble with the
      Hope you've had a lovely weekend and have a lovely week too xx

  2. The owls are adorable and the bow so cute! I loved the pictures from the farm park and have pinned the racing pigs to Pinterest with a notification for my daughter, the pig lover. Flossie looks like a sweetheart!!

    1. Thank you Daphne. Hope you daughter likes the piggy's! x

  3. Wit woo those owls are so cute... Sarah x

  4. Hi FB - I have posted a reply to you on my blog - please let me know if you have any problems with the little ears - they are tricky but quite do-able once you get into it! Joy xx

  5. Love the crochet owls and bows....and it was a special treat to see those bunnies!
    wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  6. The farm looks so fun! Pig racing? That is new to me! Your owls and bows are so sweet.

  7. I love that first picture - what fun!

    Nina x

  8. loving the owls - i can't get enough of them. x

  9. The farm visit looked fantastic! Love your little owls and crochet bows, so sweet.
    M x

  10. The farm visit sounds like such fun. Pig racing, brilliant! Love your little crochet owls. x


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