Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Books and Shades

Hello to you...
I've  had some truly lovely comments on my last post, thank you so much for stopping by taking the time to comment.
This week I've been mostly indoors due to the rainy weather.
Perfect time to snuggle up with a book my friend and neighbour kindly gave me to have a look at.
It's called "Crochet Workshop" by Erika Knight.
It's well worth a peruse.
I found the section showing different crochet stiches very interesting, being fairly new to crochet I didn't realise that there are so many!
There are some lovely projects too the Asymmetrical cardigan has to me my favourite, I think I will need wore practice before I attempt that.
I've been sitting in the window crocheting a basic cushion. I ran out of yarn shortly after the photo so will have to  wait to finish it. I'm using woolcraft new fashion 885 walnut such a bargain at £1.25 a ball.

This here is one of my favourite things. It belonged to my Great Grandmother (big Nana) It's battered and faded but I love it.
Sometimes it's the history as well as the item.
My Mum knowing my love of flamingos bought me a present this week.
Some super pink and glittery shades!
I think there amazingly kitsch.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far.
I'm very excited, we are visiting the zoo tomorrow (I think I'm more excited that my daughter)


  1. wow, that cardigan looks amazing! will definitely have to look that book up.

  2. Hello FB - yet another lovely post!
    I considered buying that same book a while back but settled for something else at the time - however - it's still on my wish list! That cardigan is quite stunning isn't it, and you know FB, you just need to start with one flower and see how you go ..... I'm sure you could manage it!
    Lovely shade of yarn for your latest cushion.
    Beautiful pincushion - sweet family keepsake - so important to have and value, as you obviously do.
    WOW! look at those flamingos - what a thoughtful Mum you have!
    Have a great time at the zoo and a lovely 'rest of the week'. Joy xx

    1. Hello Joy.
      Thanks for the encouragement your right maybe if I try one flower first.
      I do have a thoughtful Mum she's always very lovely to me.
      Thank you we had a lovely time.
      Hope you've had a lovely week xx

  3. I like the look of that crochet book, and that cardigan. Looking forward to seeing how your cushion turns out. x

  4. Hi lovely crochet - I loved seeing your pincushion, what a lot of history and memories it must have for you - very special! :-)

    1. Thank you I do love my battered pin cushion very much :) x

  5. That book looks really lovely. I love your pretty pincushion too.
    M x

  6. Happy crocheting! I also have Crochet Workshop, isn't it presented so nicely? I love the photos in there. I worked up a few of those flower motifs.


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