Thursday, 2 May 2013

Blossom On The Tree....


 Hello to you
Yesterday my friend and neighbour had a trip to one of North Wales's largest craft and hobby shop,
Abakhan   It also has a pretty good website perfect for a browse.
It was like a sweetie shop in the wool section....
They had a huge range of fabrics
So many pretty prints.

Roll upon roll of bold and bright colours.
How on earth I didn't go wild and spend a fortune, I don't know. I came back with 3 balls of wool and a metre of fabric....I think I was a very good girl.
Hello cherry tree don't you look pretty!
Blossom on the tree.. you know how I feel!
Really pleased with my spring blubs they have really worked this I just need to remember what I did to make them work!

Sunshine flowers.
Just started hooking another blanket. 
Here come the granny squares again!
There's something lovely about these little circles....
Hope everyone has a lovely long weekend.
Fingers crossed for a sunny one.


  1. Hello blossom! Ours is just starting to pop.

    Nina x

  2. Hello FB - thank you for your lovely pics - the blossom is an absolute delight, as well as your 'blooming' bulbs; isn't it wonderful to gaze on such beauty!
    Well - another blanket on the way - good for you FB - keep those hands busy making gorgeous fabric from colourful yarn; I just love mauves/purples, and will you be adding other colours?
    You did very well to spend so little at such an amazing shop - I admire your self restraint!!!
    Weekend coming up and I hope you and family have a great one. Joy xx

    1. Hi Joy. I do love the blossom it's so lovely and makes me smile. I'm not sure about adding colours yet I was thinking maybe a soft green but I'll have a think. I might just do a darker purple border, we'll see :)
      I know I was very good at the shop I could have spent a fortune haha.
      Oh thank you, looking forward to the weekend not sure what we are doing yet hopefully something in the sun. You and yours have a lovely weekend too xx

  3. Wow, that store looks like yarn heaven! I also like your little crochet circles. Good luck with your blanket. =)

    1. Thank you Laura I might need luck :)

  4. Even I am wondering how could you buy only 3 balls of yarn. You are acting abnormal! ;)) The shop looks so amazing. We do not have such craft shops, here. I would have opened one myself if someone could have financed it. Anyway, that is something I can do in my dreams only.
    The blossoms and cherries are looking fantastic! I think this is the best time of the year, with all the lovely flowers to inspire, green grass and bright son with nice breeze(at least in the mornings and evenings).
    Good luck for the blanket! The colour is my favourite. Do share your progress. :)

    1. Hello. I know I was so good not spending! That would be lovely wouldn't it having your own yarn shop....I'd love that.
      It is a lovely time of year everything fresh and new.
      Thank you and I will share soon :)

  5. I love the gorgeous vibrant colour of your new crochet project. That craft and fabric shop looks amazing! Wonder if I could persuade my Mr to take a little holiday in Wales..!
    M x

    1. Thank you :) haha good luck with persuading your Mr....perhaps not mention the shop! All the best hope you have a lovely weekend x

  6. Wow, it seems as though your partner should give you a medal for such strength of abstaining and not giving into our common addictions!
    I know I couldn't do it... The lavender is very sweet looking. Your tree and flowers deserve your praise they certainly are quite beautiful!

    Ta Ta for now, Cathy Milne the Bagg Lady

    1. I know I think I ought to have a medal haha!
      Thank you Cathy very sweet of you to say I have worked hard on the garden and your comment is really appreciated.

  7. Such willpower I would have spent and spent. Loving the pretty purple ... Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah. I think that I was a very good girl indeed!


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