Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Rainbow Bright

Hello to you....
Just a quick one today as we are in the throws of ripping up carpets and painting walls, not at the same time I hastily add. Sometimes I wish I could do more things at once!
This is what I'm working on this week...
Inspired by rainbows.

The colours haven't come out as well as I wanted on the photo.

I'm wearing my glasses more often these days lots of things to strain my eyes on.

 Finally couldn't resist showing you these Tulips called Barcelona there very bright and have added much needed colour to the garden.
Right well my daughters in bed so back to the painting at the other end of the house!
Hope everyone is having a lovely week.


  1. I went to the optician the other day because I was finding that all the close work (knitting crochet, sewing) was hurting my eyes. But it turns out they are fine (shame I quite fancied glasses)

    1. Aw that's a shame! but good news your eyes are well :)

  2. Hello FB - that little blanket is shaping up very nicely - lovely bright strong colours - will it be a 'lap' rug or bigger? Ah yes, don't tell me - you'll keep going till the yarn runs out? Am I reading you?
    Do take care of your eyes FB - wise to use the glasses - I think it's time for my check again as I was almost seeing double the other day! Must be all those stripes!
    That is a beautiful tulip - they are so elegant aren't they.
    All the best with the painting - a huge task but well worth it!
    Joy xx

    1. Hello Joy...
      Yes you know me so well already, haha when it runs out!
      Oh sounds like a good idea to get your eyes checked again seeing double isn't good, probably is the stripes! Hope your ripple blanket is coming on well.
      Yes love my tulips! they've been good this year just hope they don't get rained on anymore.
      Still not finished the's an on-going thing xx

  3. Blanket looks good to me ... funny how a picture can make things look off then other times a photo can make it look better. Either way, I say good job!

    1. Thank you Karen yes it is strange how photos make things look different...I wish they'd make me look better hehe :)

  4. Very colorful and pretty! I love your tulip. That is such a beautiful shade of pink. Good luck with the home improvement fun!

    1. Thank you MV. I was really pleased with the colour of the tulips I thought they might have been a bit more red but I'm happy with the pinkie colour.
      Thank you I think I will need luck :)

  5. love your tulips! just gorgeous x

  6. Love the bright colourful crochet you are working on.
    M x

  7. Love your bright and cheery crochet! and your tulips are so pretty! Good luck with all the painting :)
    Helen x

  8. Your crochet is beautiful! good luck with your decorating
    love jooles xxx


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