Monday, 31 March 2014


Hello and happy Monday.
I'm a little late this week with my post.
Still feeling tired but will be hopefully perking up soon with a change of iron tablets.
We've had some lovely weather today so I am not long in from the garden.

Do you like my bunny? 
He says Bonjour to you.
I found the pattern in my new mollie makes magazine (thank you eBay) 
He was an absolute pleasure to make.
He is also my first amigurumi toy that has gone right.

I'm still hooking away at my gypsy caravan blanket.
It's growing slowly but surely.

Hope you've all enjoyed a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Daisy Daisy x

Hello to you.
Just a super quick post today just to show you what I've been up to.
I've been so tired lately and have been feeling not very with it. So will keep it short.

Here is what I did with the crochet daisy, made a little garland. My bother's girl friend calls it seasonal bunting as I change it often. 

I now have the width of my gypsy caravan blanket and have been happily hooking up these simple colourful squares.

Sorry it's so brief should be fighting fit by next week, fingers crossed.

Thank you as always for your lovely comments.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Cosy Cat and CAL

Hello to you.
Hope you're all well and enjoying a little sunshine.
I hooked up this lovely fresh daisy the other day, I think I feel some spring time bunting coming on!
I've added the the ball of wool I found in my stash, again I've left it unfinished in case I have the erge to add to it again.

I've been making granny squares and trying to be good adding them on as I go I have nearly got the right width now.

Betty appears to have claimed it already! She enjoyed finding a sunny patch and snuggling down.
She is so tame now, loving and loyal you'd never have know she was feral.

I hope you will all have a lovely weekend and fingers crossed for some decent gardening weather, my garden certainly needs some attention now. Really looking forward to sowing some seeds too!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Stash busting gypsy carvan blanket CAL

Hello to you.
It's been a good week so far - the temperature has risen a little and I haven't seen rain for a few days... Woo hoo!
With the weather set to get better next week spring is certainly in the air.
I've picked up the hook again this week and have decided to take on my biggest project yet, a huge granny square blanket to go on the back of my sofa. It's also helping me do some much needed stash busting.
Oh dear I have let my stash mount up - so many opened left overs.
I've made a start making lovely circular middles and I now have 13 squares made with ends stitched in! I'm quite impressed with the progress so far. All photographed on my new coffee table, it has a very handy shelf underneath for keeping my crochet magazines...
My summer colour blanket is growing slowly...
Here are some signs of spring in my garden.

Look what I found while stash busting - a lovely new ball of matching beige yarn! So it looks like I will be growing my never-ending granny blanket a little further... Lucky I didn't fasten off properly!
I'm secretly happy to be hooking away on this relaxing project again.
Happy crocheting whatever you're making!

Thank you so much for the encouraging comments on the last post.
Until next time, have a lovely weekend. Hopefully you will enjoy signs of spring wherever you are.
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