Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Happy Home Times

Hello to you.
Its been a changeable week here in Wales weather wise.
When the sun has occasionally shone I've been out in the garden.
We are now in my favourite months of year when everything bursts into colour and is fresh and new.
Hope you enjoy the photos from my garden this week...
Tulip Angelique such a pretty blousy variety. 

Wall flowers with that wonderful scent, I wish I could bottle it.

Teeny tiny salad seedlings.

Allium waiting to pop cant wait to see it.

I loved the contrast of the copper beech and the green beech against the blue sky.

Lilac beginning to open.

Honey bee visiting.

The blue bells are in full swing down the banks in the garden.

White bells and skimmia. 

Delicate fennel.
In doors......
 some more flower love, pretty pink and cream roses.

My hootie owl.

I've been busy sewing more wares for the shop I volunteer at. This is a cushion topped off with vintage coat buttons.

The shop wares are mounting up.
Finally meet kitty grey eye inspired and helped by the lovely Joy. You will see a better version on her blog here 
Thank you Joy for some very long distance learning!
Hope your all having a lovely week what ever your doing.


  1. Ah FB, what a lovely surprise to see kitty grey eye gazing back at me as I reached the last of your lovely pics - you've done a lovely job and managed the ears well. It took me three practice runs before getting the ears as I wanted them, so 'good for you'! Usually amigurumi is worked in DC so that the stuffing doesn't show/come through, but the trebles? seem to have worked okay for you (I omitted to mention that little bit to you, sorry!). Also didn't mention that after struggling with stuffing the tail I now shove two pipe cleaners in, instead!
    I love all your garden pics FB, they always brighten my day, and also I noted how you've beautifully decorated your sewing machine and table area - very nifty! Sewing, crochet, gardening - keep on keeping on FB! Joy xx

    1. Hi Joy.
      Glad he surprised you.
      I think it was your clear instructions that helped with the ears.
      Yes I know about the DC....I think if and when I make another I'll definitely do it that way. I think I was in a bit of a rush and didn't realise till it was too late :(
      Oh dear my poor kitty is tailless better make him one soon! poor thing, good idea with the pipe cleaners.
      Oh thank you I got a little sticker happy with the sewing machine haha.
      Thank you again for your help and lovely encouraging comments xx

  2. Lovely photos and all your wares are so pretty. I am glad that you tried your hand at the cat. Joy's are so pretty and look as if they would be easy. I was tempted but if you had trouble I am sure I would never get it done to resemble a cat!!! It is very cute. I think I will wait for a pattern. I am a fanatic pattern follower!!

    1. Thank you Jen.
      I'm glad I had a go too I was pleased with him might need a little more practice though, maybe make him some friends.
      Hope that you find a pattern soon x

  3. What a beautiful garden you have :) I have many talents but gardening is not one of them. I try a herb garden every year and I end up killing the poor plants within months!

  4. Pleased to meet you kitty grey eye. Your garden is so pretty, the Welsh weather has obviously been better than the English weather this week. Sarah x

  5. What a beautiful colourful post - I love your flowers and crafty creations.
    Sue x

  6. Your garden is really lovely, such gorgeous flowers. I love all your little makes too, especially Hootie the owl.
    M x

  7. Your garden looks beautiful, I love bluebells :) xx

  8. Beautiful pictures as always! I think you have a very cute sewing machine. The owls look adorable, resting together. :)

  9. Hello !I make the Bunny Mummy owls too .Your's are very nice


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