Sunday, 19 May 2013

Parents and Pin Cushions...

Hello to you.
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.
It's been sunny here today, hooray! So outside we went.
We visited my parents which is always a popular choice with us all, especially my daughter.
Here are some photos from our visit.

Mum's chives coming into flower.

Pretty in pink tulips

The fish were frisky in the pond.

Lovely cow beautiful.
The daisies were too tempting for my daughter and Mum.

Time for daisy chains.

Working together.

Lovely blue sky.
I'm still working on my hoard for the charity craft sale, its growing slowly.
Here is one...
I love doing some crocheting in my Mum and Dad's conservatory it's the perfect light for craft work.
I want a conservatory. I think I'd better put it on my "in your dreams" list.
Got to have a cuppa - it can be thirsty work!

The beginnings of a sunny yellow and orange pin cushion. 
Thank you for readings my ramblings.
Hope you have a lovely week whatever you're doing.



  1. Stopping by to say hello! I love your crochet projects. I haven't made daisy chains in years!

  2. Dear FB - how refreshing to gaze on your gorgeous garden pics - I love them; your Mum's garden must be a lovely place to relax in!
    Sweet little pincushion there, and another bobbydazzler coming up - your hands are never still FB. J and I always admire the conservatories in the UK - great to catch the sun (when it decides to shine) and obviously a lovely place to crochet - dreams do come true FB - keep on keeping on with that one!
    How's the painting coming along?!!! Joy xx

    1. Hello Joy.
      It is a lovely place to relax in indeed.
      I know I think I have a mild addiction to the crochet lark.
      I will keep dreaming I think it's important to have dreams.
      The paintings coming on well thanks. New carpets are down and everywhere upstairs is looking a lot fresher.
      Hope everything is good with you xx

  3. What a great way to spend the day, flowers a crochet...perfect.

  4. Oh I do love a daisy chain and the pin cushions are gorgeous ... Sarah x

  5. Such a lovely day! Blue skies sure do a lot for one's happiness level. :) Your crocheted pincushions are very pretty. I really need to make time for crocheting more often -- haven't done a whole lot in nearly a month it seems. Wishing you a wonderful new week. Tammy

    1. Oh I agree the sunshine does lift the spirits. Hope you have a lovely week too :)

  6. What pretty photos! I had no idea chives flower. There is some wild chives in my woods which I can smell but they never put of a flower. The daisy chain must be so fun to make! It would be wonderful to have your own bright, cozy conservatory.

    1. Yes chives have lovely flowers like teeny tiny alliums. I've not seen wild chives....would love to have woods lucky you :)

  7. Cow parsley and favourite.


  8. Beautiful daisy chains and beautiful pin cushions!
    M x

  9. These are lovely pictures of what must have been a great visit. =) I especially like the blossoming chives and the daisy chains. Such fun! xoxo

  10. Love the pincushions!! Really adorable!
    Susan @ Felted Button

  11. Lovely pictures! I think I will also include such a place in 'my dream to have' list. The pincushions are adorable. You chose nice color combos. Good Luck! :)

  12. I love crocheting in my mum's conservatory too! Those pincushions are lovely. x

  13. I love, love, love the photo 'working together'; bring a lump to the throat and reminds me to relish the moments with my children whilst they still want to do such things! Thanks so much xx


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