Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Mystery Tour and CAL

Hello and how are you?
It's been a less busy week as I've had a few days off, so I've been able to enjoy having my daughter at home. She is on her half term week and has enjoyed it very much so far.
We've had a trip to the zoo, country walks and my daughter has enjoyed sleep-overs with her Grandmother and Dad. 
Last weekend my partner and I enjoyed a lovely mystery tour, this is what we call a drive with no idea where we are going or why! It's nice to discover places and roads you've never been to or down before, even if they're in your local area.
Here are some photos from our tour...
What fabulous views we enjoyed! My partner was very patient with me constantly asking to stop to take photos every five minutes ha ha!
I've started making a quilt!! I love a challenge's a start - we will have to see if I ever finish it... Now, I'm sure most of you are familiar with Helen Phillips's Blog Well, after Christmas I finally treated myself to her book pretty patchwork gifts and have found myself totally inspired by it and have used her wonderful influences in my quilt. 
A recommended read if you love everything on her blog - check the book out you'll love it too!
I've picked up the hook this week too, and have started another endless granny square quilt but in brighter colours this time. I thought the colours looked quite summery and would fit in nicely on the decking in the summer.

Welcome to my new followers - so lovely to have you with me.
Hope you've all enjoyed a lovely week?
Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the last post, you've made me realize that beige isn't always boring!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Granny Blanket CAL

Hello to you...
Hope your week has gone well so far?
On an evening, when I finally sit down, I've been hooking away on this granny blanket. As I know the pattern, its pretty mindless for me so I can watch TV, listen to my partner talking about his day or read blogs.
I do enjoy my evening when tea is cooked and daughter's snuggled up in bed - time to relax!
So here it is...quite neutral and beige for me but I fancied a change and a rest for my eyes!
It's not huge but it fits nicely around my shoulders.
I've put the blanket on the back of my sofa, so it's at a reachable distance for chilly nights...
You never know, I might extend it at some point.
It's great how something so simple can please you so much and make such a difference to your home.
What is it they say about simple things pleasing little minds? Haha.

Well, I shall be off now to catch up with my blog reading and hopefully be inspired by one of you lovely people...not sure what to crochet next... hmm...
Joy would say a quilt....don't know if i'm ready for that yet!

Hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Birthdays and CAL

Hello to you...
It's been a busy and windy week!
I hope everyone is safe and well after that awful storm and haven't experienced too much damage? We were lucky and only had one large branch down that landed in a safe place... It didn't half make a loud thump when it dropped!
My daughter turned 8 yesterday. I know everyone says it, but where does the time go? I can believe it.
So I hope I will be forgiven for being a day late with my post this week?

Yesterday we a had a small tea party for my daughter, with family and school friends. She told me later that she'd had a lovely birthday - so spending my whole day-off baking and cooking was totally worth it!
I did enjoy decorating the cupcakes!
They seemed to be popular. I have one or two left that I've squirreled away...
I made a little felt dolly from a 'Molly Makes' back issue. It was a lovely evening project, sat on the sofa in front of the fire...
Meet the kitties! 
1, Baby Betty
2, Dusty
3, Poppy
(left to right)
I found these on my camera and wanted to share them.
My fiance gave me these today!
I don't usually go in for Valentines day but I love my flowers.

Chrissie Crafts

Joining in again with the lovely Marianne and Chrissie 
Pop over and see what they've been up to this week - you wont be disappointed.

I've been crocheting a blanket this week just a never ending granny square one.
 I know its not a very good picture, the light has been terrible today. Will hopefully be ready for its reveal next week...

I'm very excited as I've gained some lovely new followers! YAY! Thank you for joining me.
I hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend and stay safe and dry.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

CAL A quick Valentine Update

Hello to you...
Hope you're all well?
I'm much better now after my week of lurgy.
Its very wet and wild here at the moment and brr so cold!
Some poor people have experienced awful weather - my heart certainly goes out to them.
I thought I'd hook up a quick valentines treat for my fire place.
The pattern I used for the hearts is here from Attic24.
They were quick, easy and lots of fun to make.
In my last post I mentioned I had a few birthdays to make for this month, so I thought I'd show you what I've made...
Lily pad brooches.

A never ending Granny stripe snood...
and an alien gadget case.
Hopefully all of them will be gratefully received. We shall see.
So what else have I been doing this week? Hmm...
I know...

 I hooked up a cushion for the kitchen.
I used my Drops Paris yarn for the stripy front and Style Craft Grape for the back.
It's a lovely shot of colour for these grey days...
My garden this week...
wall flower,
seed head,

Hope that you've enjoyed a lovely week?
Now I'm off to see what everyone else has been up to this week....
Chrissie Crafts
 Sure Chrissie and Marianne will have lots of lovely crochet and links to others too!