Monday, 30 December 2013

Wishing You A Happy New Year xx

Hello to you.
My last post for this year and what a year its been...
I've been so glad to have you here with me in my first year of blogging.
I've really enjoyed posting and reading all your lovely blogs.
So loving and leaving you for this year with some photos from Christmas...
And what a lovely family Christmas we enjoyed, all together at my family home, the home of my childhood with Mum, Dad, my brother, my lovely fiancĂ© and my beautiful daughter...

I was so lucky to receive a new camera for Christmas. I really enjoyed playing with it, snapping photos here and there...
Do you love my partners Christmas jumper!?

My Mum's cat enjoyed Christmas, playing in the garden with his feral mummy cat.
It's not Christmas without a silly hat and this year's hat of choice was a Fez!
And what we would we do without a nice glass of champagne with Christmas dinner?

Here are some flowers from the garden and the hyacinths are on my window sill - a present from the lovely ladies at the charity shop I volunteer at, filling the sitting room with their lovely heady scent.

My lovely grey kitties are getting on so well - it's so nice to see them cuddling up together.
Lego camper and lucky cats on a sunny window sill.
I hope you have all enjoyed a lovely bloggy year and I will see you all in

Friday, 20 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

            Just a super quick post to
                        Say ......
Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a 
HAPPY NEW YEAR. Look forward to seeing what you all got up to I've Christmas in the new year. But for now I'll love you and leave you with my crochet Christmas tree Joy very kindly shared the pattern from the royal sisters blog. Lots of fun to make. 
All the best to you all. 
Hope to catch up with you all soon xx

Thursday, 12 December 2013

CAL and Busy Times

Hello to you.
Hope you're all well and wonderful?
Gosh it's been so busy here! School plays, costumes, Christmas trees, craft sales, Christmas shopping... and the list goes on...
So with everything going on here please bear with me - in January normal service should resume.
 I finished my crochet lamp shade, inspired by attic24.
Sorry the photos aren't great, the light at the moment is terrible but wanted you all to see.
Hope you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Joining again with the lovely ladies and their crochet along Marianne and Chrissie.
 Chrissie Crafts
I've really enjoyed joining in and seeing what everyone else is doing.
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!
I do love a Christmas tree - the smell is amazing!
I love to see the twinkling lights and shiny baubles.
Here are a couple of photos from my Christmas craft fair.
It went well and had lots of interest and comments which is lovely - always great to have feedback.
Mr Gingers were very popular! I was left with one though, which I was pleased about. He's hanging on the tree now.
Thank you to all of you who wished me luck and think it worked :)
Don't you just love a cosy fire in winter?
This was taken during a power cut last week where we were left without power for most of the day and night. It was actually quite nice relaxing in the warm glow from the fire reading. Couldn't have done without my electric for much longer though!
Finally, let me introduce you to the new addition to the family, Betty.
She was taken in from my Mum's garden where she was living feral (she wouldn't have survived the winter) She is now tame and a lovely little character - she was really worth the extra work.
I hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend.
Will try and post again before Christmas if time allows.
Thank you for all your lovely comments and continued kindness.