Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mollie Makes Crochet Cushion CAL

Hello to you...
Hope you're all well?
This week has seen me turn 29 - my last year of being a twenty something! My naughty shoulder is playing up. I really hope it isn't RSI. I can't not crochet! And we've a new arrival in the shape of a feral kitten...
So, another busy week since I last posted.
So as you know, I've been joining in with ladybirddiaries and chrissiecrafts with their blooming crochet along.
I've really enjoyed the company through my various projects.
Last week saw me finish my CK inspired blanket so I've been twiddling my thumbs and wondering what shall I make next? My partner bought me this book about a month ago and I was instantly drawn to the granny square cushion...
Quite a simple pattern so not too much concentration necessary.
The book is great, full of colourful patterns and comes with a really cool folksy daisy free gift.
My partner bought mine from here
Well worth £5.
I've made my front panel - 36 squares all joined together. Back panel next.
A smaller project is welcome after the blanket.
Here is photo of my favourite birthday present - a genuine 1950's print of The Green Lady. I absolutely love it! My partner bought it for me and knows me so well...I'll stop being slushy now!

 Today my daughter, her friend and I carved pumpkins. We all enjoyed the messiness of it!
I hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend.
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about my blanket and also making me feel less mad RE my daughters rash...
A warm welcome to my new followers - lovely to have you here with me!

Chrissie Crafts


Thursday, 24 October 2013

CAL and The CK Inspired Blanket

Hello to you.
I hope that I find you all well?
It's been a another busy week, Monday was a bit of a nightmare with my daughter worrying me to death with a rash that had appeared on the back her neck! I managed to get her seen quickly by the doctor and it turned out to just be one of those things (a reaction to washing powder maybe)
I've not always been such a fuss pot, but when my daughter was 3 she had a terrible time with an appendicitis that had been misdiagnosed and became infected. So I think I may be a little bit over protective now. Like the saying goes though, it is "better to be safe than sorry!"
Apart from that I've been settling into my new part time job and I think I'm doing ok so far.
Oh and I've been to look at wedding venues too...I now have a possible date for our wedding - exciting times ahead...
Anyway, on with the post...
You may already know I'm taking part in the CAL with Chrissie and Marianne.
This week saw me finally finish my Cath Kidston inspired blanket - Hooray!
I have really enjoyed making it but I can't lie... when the end was in sight I was slightly relieved!
So here it is!

Chrissie Crafts
If you fancy joining in or just having a look, click on one of the links above and check their posts.

I also bought myself a little treat with my wages and couldn't wait to make the free gift.

I enjoyed this small project - SO quick after the CK inspired blanket and totally satisfying.
Well, I will leave you now with some lovely Autumn blooms from my garden...
They're still going!

1,2, Sunflowers
3, Viburnum
4, Marigold
5, A baby squash. 
1, Rose
2, Red berries (the birds love these)
3, Cosmos
4, Japanese Anemone
5, Autumn leaves. 

1, Morning Glory
2, Verbena
3, Hollyhock
4, Sage
Hope you all enjoy a lovely end to the week.
Thank you all for your lovely comments on the last post and WELCOME to my new followers - so lovely to have you here with me.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

CAL Pretty Flower Brooch

Hello to you.
Hope you're all well?
This week I have had some changes in my life. I've got myself a little part time job cleaning and ironing for a family down the road. Prefect timing - just before Christmas!
I made myself a little flower brooch this week.
I've finally managed to treat myself to Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers.
Here is my lovely new copy.
I wanted to start myself off with a quick project, so I chose the brooch.
The book is full of amazing projects.
Some of which the ladies from the CAL crochet-along are making.
LadybirdDiaries and Chrissie Crafts are making a beautiful hexagon blanket.
So I made all the bits first...
Then sewed them together, easy as that.
Here it is on my cardigan! ready for its first outing.
I must say I'm really enjoying joining in with the crochet-along. I really enjoy popping into other blogs and seeing the lovely things they're making.

Chrissie Crafts
This time my crochet is definitely blooming. Still working on the CK inspired blanket only a few more rows to go now! And then I can get bordering.
Hope that you've all enjoyed a lovely week.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

CK Inspired Blanket and A Day With My Love

Hello to you.
Hope I find you all well?
I enjoyed a quiet weekend visiting my parents and having some fresh air in the garden.
Chrissie Crafts
I'm joining the CAL with the lovely Chrissie and Marianne
I'm afraid its not blooming today but it is crochet! and I now am the proud owner of Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers! So some more flowery posts on the way.
Well it's getting there. Nearly finished. I've been hooking away a few lines at a time, taking my time and enjoying the bright cheery colours as I go.
It's very cosy around the shoulders!
My partner and I enjoyed a rare treat...a Monday off and time to spend together.
Being members of the national trust, and my partner needing fresh air, we went along to Erddig, a beautiful house and garden.
Firstly I must show you the beautiful Dahlias they had, it's certainly Dahlia season there!
The yellow one in the last photo was bigger than my hand, stunning.

1, Erddig house.
2, A lawn roller/mower hiding under the walkway. 
3, Lots of Autumn colour in the walled garden.
4, Clock house.

1, My favourite part of the garden, a small walled garden within the larger one.
2, Red Rose.
3&4, Lots and lots of snap dragons! (Antirrhinum)

Bloom upon blooms and a cheeky ladybird.
The woodland play area.
1, Camp fire circle.
2, Tent canopy.
3&4, Beautifully carved wolves from tree trunks.
Cute little van and mirror carp in the pond.
Tortoiseshell Butterfly. So beautiful.
 Some Autumn blooms from our garden this week.
The snails have moved into our fennel, it's covered!
Getting outdoors always makes me feel more alive.
 Well, I hope that your week is going well and you have some time to breath in some fresh air.
Thank you so much for your comments on the last post, I really did enjoy making that hat.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Crochet Slouchy Hat

Hello to you.
Hope you're all well.
I always enjoy reading through my favourite blogs and when I came across this particular post here on Jennifer's blog, I felt totally inspired.
I love a hat when it starts getting chillier. They cover a multitude of bad hair sins on a morning school run too!
At my local charity shop I had a real bargain with this yarn - £2 for six balls! Such a good bargain that I treated myself to a mossy green pack too!
I wanted to use it for something special and I knew when I saw the above post that's what I'd use it for.

The pattern you can find on the above link. I found the pattern really easy to follow. In all honesty though, I have to tell you I did have a little mishap! I began my hat in UK double crochet and soon realised it was an American pattern. Silly me! Oops.
So after a little unravelling I was back on track.
and here it is, complete and modelled by me.
Perfect for Autumn walks in the woods!
My daughter has requested one next.
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, whatever you're up to.
Thank you for your kind comments on the last post, always so lovely to hear from you.
Now to carry on with the Cath Kidston inspired blanket!
A huge thank you again to Marianne at Ladybird Diaries for making my day with a mention in her post, pleased as punch!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Crochet Along CAL Jam Jar Cover

Hello to you.
I hope I find you all well.
We are all pretty much recovered from the horrible virus that spread through our house. My poor partner as been left with a chest infection but he's stocked up with antibiotics, so hopefully it wont last too long.
This week I enjoyed making a crochet jam jar cover as part of the CAL, you can find the link on my side bar if your interested in seeing what everyone is up to.
I found the pattern here on Chrissie's lovely blog it was a real treat as I haven't got the book its from yet. You can find the book here

So here it is my first project of many I'm hoping.

I really enjoyed making this it was quick and really satisfying.
I hope you're having a wonderful week.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on the last post and welcome to my new followers - lovely to have you here with me.