Friday, 24 May 2013

Crochet Granny Wreath....

Hello to you.....
Last weekend I finished off my granny wreath.
I used a wonderful tutorial by
Such a fabulous idea and simple, with this easy and clear tutorial.
So a big thank you.

 Here it is...I really enjoyed making every bit of it.
 I bought the polystyrene wreath from eBay that was the most expensive part........but totally worth it.
 Perfect project for a rainy day.
 I couldn't resist some close ups!
So another massive thank you to MemeRose for sharing this, and inspiring me to have a go.


  1. I love it! Mine's hung on the inside front door on a silver glittery wreath hanger bought at Christmas... not one person has mentioned it! Perhaps they are all too used to crochet when they visit? Hope you enjoy some sunshine this weekend x

    1. Oh no can't believe no one has mentioned it! My house is slowly filling up with crochet. Thank you so much for having a looksee and sharing that fab tutorial...Hope your having a lovely sunny weekend x

  2. That is a very sweet wreath and not 'overdone' either, you've done a lovely job on it FB! I spy the lovely pink tulips to the side there too - a lovely touch! Enjoy your weekend. Joy xx

    1. Hello Joy.
      Hope your having a lovely weekend? Yes I had to get those tulips in some how haha.
      Thank you for your lovely comments. Look forward to seeing you next blog post xx

  3. Hi there, what a lovely blog you have here! Your crochet work is very inspiring, need to get a hook out! The colours pop out lovely against the white on your wreath! :-)

    1. Thank you very kind of you to say. I'm still loving your blouses there so pretty.
      Yay get your hook out hope your having a sunny weekend :)

  4. I love your crochet wreath and thank you for the tutorial tip - I have seen some lovely ornate wreaths in blog land but love the simplicity of yours. I think I will have to pop over to eBay and order my polystyrene wreath now.
    Thank you for your lovely comments and hope you have a lovely day x

  5. I love this wreath, and your blog looks so fun, I will spend some time looking around!


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