Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn Days

Hello to you.
Hope you've all enjoyed a lovely weekend?
We've all been affected here by some kind of virus...I think, fingers crossed, we are all getting rid of it now. Fresher's flu my neighbour calls it as it always seems to happen when the children go back to school/ college in September. 
I've been anticipating the new crochet along (CAL) which has been organised by two of my favourite blogs.
I haven't got a copy of cute and easy crochet yet but I'm hoping to join in, in some way.
Sounds like it could be fun.

A busy weekend all in all. We've enjoyed some lovely sunny weather, perfect for getting outside before the chillier months set in. 
I had an urge to make a toadstool the other night so a stitched up this little pretty. I've pinned it on my coat for a bit of extra colour.

Although Autumn has arrived I still have some lovely blooms about the place...
1, The broken coffee pot with some sunflowers and hydrangeas from the garden.
2, A bargain from home base 50p pretty in pink cyclamen.
3, Lovely rose in the sun, smelling so sweet.

More photos from our walks.
1, An amazing view from the tops of the mountains local to us. Views out over the castle.
2, Sunshine breaking through the aqueduct.
3, Sheep!
4, My daughter getting into her photography down by the river.

Some photos from the garden this week.
1, Purple cauliflower.
2, Cosmos still in bloom.
3, Spider on a cut stem.
4, My first crop of purple sprouting broccoli.
Thank you so much for my lovely comments on the last post, I always love to hear from you and thank you to my new followers - lovely to have you here with me.
Hope you all enjoy a lovely week.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Last Camp Of Summer

Hello to you.
How are you all?
It's been one of those weeks when nothing happens for days, then it all happens at once.
I've had a cold the past few days that seems to have knocked me a bit...but I seem to be getting better now. Slowly.
I've been hooking away at yet another blanket. My colourings are inspired by Cath Kidston.
I spent last weekend in a field in Shrewsbury, England, at a music and comedy festival. It was good fun, with a sleeping bag and quilt we had a very warm nest to sleep in after a fun night listening to music and eating Mexican food.
The weather here has been very changeable.
A rainy day to start the week. It does make the fennel and cobwebs look beautiful.
The mountain ash (rowan) tree is laden with bright red berries. The birds seem to love them.
These photos are from today when we've had temperatures in the 20s.
I'm not the best of cooks but even I can manage a crumble! I used rhubarb and elderberries from my September harvest, I always enjoy cooking more when it's my own home-grown produce.

Yesterday was so sunny we all decided to go out for some fresh air. We are very lucky to live not too far away from such lovely walks.
Can you see me waving in the shadow? The last photo shows my brother, my daughter and my brother's girlfriend who are visiting us at the moment from down south.
My brother and I are very close and I love having him to stay - makes me feel like a happy child again, sharing memories and laughing at in-jokes together.
My partner broke the lid to this coffee pot! Initially I was not amused, but don't you think it makes a nice vase?
I couldn't bear to throw it out.
I will finish on my car boot sale bargains bought today. Maybe not to everyone's taste but I love my deer and picture.
"Tina" by J H Lynch my very beautiful lady £30...I know I know hardly a bargain but I looked her up tonight on eBay and she's going for £80-odd.
Little deer part of a box for a £1 which I filled with all sorts of vintage china, books and CDs.
Thank you very much for the well wishes and comments as always.
Hope you've had a lovely weekend, whatever you've been up to.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Rocky Raccoon

Hello to you.
How's your week been so far?
Mine has been fairly busy.
Volunteering at the shop and helping my Grannie after her fall (she's ok though, just taking time to rehabilitate) She broke her leg and shoulder.
I've had some "me" time too...
I picked up a Mollie makes magazine, second hand, and I enjoyed making the cover woodland friends.

If I bought all the magazines I enjoyed new, I'd be permanently skint! But I do like to look out for second hand copies. 

Here they are! Their new home is in my partner's study.

Rocky was definitely my favourite.

I spent some time yesterday wondering around the garden with my camera. It was lovely to have ten minutes to myself. I found it very relaxing.

I wasn't totally alone. Poppy was prettifying herself in the wood shed.

Not sure what this is. It came from my Mum's garden. We like to share plants.

Cyclamen - pretty in purple.

The bees are still busy buzzing around.


The September garden still has some colour in places...

The fennel must be 7ft plus now - it's grown amazingly this year.

These bees appeared to be drunk on pollen!

Verbena - usually a butterfly magnet, but they seem to have gone now.   

Green tomatoes. Come on, go red!

Hover fly enjoying an artichoke flower.

Coming in to land.

What a vivid purple.

Cosmos is one of my favourite annuals.

They're very pretty in pink.

Sweet corn.

Marsh mallow.

Here is the fennel again, towering high.
Hope you're all enjoying a nice week?
Tomorrow I plan to catch up with some jobs around the house and then maybe get an hour or so on my sewing machine.
I'm off to a music festival this weekend and we are likely to have an autumn storm - so I'm packing my wellies!
Thank you for your lovely comments on the last post. It took a lot to put myself out there, but I'm glad I did.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Weekend Sale

Hello to you.
Hope you've all enjoyed a lovely weekend?
It's been a long time since I've had such a busy weekend.
I had my first craft sale.
Here is my table full of months worth of work.
We had it over two days. As you can see, the stall didn't stay as tidy as the top photo on Saturday.
I had a very patient helper too, my daughter sat with me all day Saturday and Sunday. Considering she's only seven, she had bag loads of enthusiasm for the whole thing.
Well, it was a good first experience of craft selling direct. Although I didn't make many sales, the sales I did make were greatly received and complimented.
One lady who'd bought a door stop actually came back to tell me that it looked fabulous in her home - which made it all worth while.
So I might indulge myself in making some things for myself for a while now. Saying that, there is talk of a Christmas craft sale, so we'll see.
Hope you're all enjoying your week so far?
Thank you so much for all the wishes of luck - I think they might have channelled over!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nerves and New Arrivals

Hello bloggy friends, and new followers.
 Welcome and thank you so much for joining me.
Happy September.
Hope you are all well and wonderful?
It's been a busy time here, my daughter returned to school yesterday for her first day of juniors. It was a big change for her but I think she has enjoyed herself, especially catching up with her friends.
Here is our new little friend Wicket, my daughter's first pet. When I was a child I was always encouraged to keep pets.
I think it's good for children to have something to care for and gives them a great sense of responsibility. Also, keeping pets from such a young age has given me a life-long love of animals that I hope my daughter will inherit too. 

I've been busy sorting through bags and bags of knitting needles and pairing them up. On Saturday they will go on sale for fellow knitters at the craft sale.

I treated myself to this little tin, originally for record needles but now a home for pins.
I have quite a collection of vintage tins and will have to show them to you one of these days...

Getting ready for next year, I bought my garden a present of some new bulbs.
I will plant them for much needed early colour in early spring. 

This little beauty looks up at me while I'm washing up and makes me smile.

My wool stash had a tiny clear out today - the wool ends I picked out will go to the craft sale.

Our tea last night, requested by my daughter. Simple pasta with roasted red pepper sauce and our courgettes from the garden.

My daughter and I have been harvesting sunflower seeds.

So neat in their little honeycomb home.

Plenty of lovely seeds for the birds.

Lovely Chrissie mentioned in her last comment to me that she would like to see some of my craft sale wears, so here they are.

I've been busy pricing and arranging.
I will take photos on Saturday of my stall for you all to see.

I found pricing quite difficult... I really couldn't decide what they were worth.

So school runs begin and my big weekend is approaching. I am quite nervous to be honest, it's the first time I've put myself out there for opinions and critique.
So bloggy friends wish me luck.
Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the last post.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.