Thursday, 4 April 2013

Animal spotting

Yesterday was lovely, a family trip to the zoo
I thought I'd share a couple of the zoo visit pictures.
A picture of a beautiful butterfly in the butterfly house.
Chester Zoo has lots of different animals 400 different species. What makes Chester Zoo different is they specialise in conservation and research into endangered species. 
This is a picture of a cute baby otter juggling with a pebble.
A cheeky tapir
My personal favourite there something extremely majestic about Sumatran tigers. They truly are beautiful creatures they are critically endangered I think the world would be a sad place without these stunning creatures. 


  1. Gosh you did so well to capture those poses - especially the butterfly (I so love butterflies), thank you for giving us a peep into your day. Joy

    1. Thank you Joy. I adore butterflies too and was so pleased to have captured one (usually they flutter off at the last minuet)x


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