Sunday, 14 April 2013

Vintage Shopping and Finished Alpaca Scarf

 With my partner being roped into working another Saturday, my daughter and I headed off to see my parents for the day. I love going to my parents house it's always like going home, they still live in my childhood home. It's so nice that my daughter can see all the things that I used to when I was a child, the frog spawn in the pond, the tree my swing hung from, my favourite climbing tree and the best places to find snails!
My mum also keeps chickens my daughter really enjoys collecting the eggs and petting them. I wasn't keen on chickens but I've warmed to them slightly I wouldn't want to pick them up though!

Unlike my daughter who is much braver than me!
Another thing I like to do when I'm at my parents house is to pop over to a near by antiques shop with my Dad that sells everything from true antiques to modern day so there's a lot in between. I'm afraid I got a little snap here being full of great things to photograph.....
 One of my favourite things are vintage cases great for storing fabrics and yarns.
Beautiful old till with intricate engraved pattern so pretty a lot more attractive than modern ones.
I really want this but I cant afford it so I had to do with a picture instead! *sigh*
 Pretty parasol
 Beautifully displayed unit full of treasures
 They sell vintage books too I managed to resist this time.
retro sewing machine
Collection of knitting needles all reasonably priced.
I was very restrained and only bought one thing that I just couldn't leave behind. Sometimes you just know you'll regret it if you don't get I did.
 Here it is you'll have to trust me it looks better in real life
 The idea was to photograph it on the washing line......but it's raining :(
It's a vintage shawl, but I'm thinking I might use it on my bed as long as everyone promises not to sit on it! (I'm guessing this wont happen)
So on to the scarf I don't know if you remember, but I posted a photo of some new wool I'd bought on my visit to the wool shop well its been used.
It's wonderful quality yarn and very soft.
Making a start, shortly after I had added the second ball of wool/yarn I'm not sure what happened but I managed to increase the stiches to my scarf sort of ballooned out! opps!
So I had to undo a fair bit and start again which is always a bit disheartening when things like that happen but I persevered.
 Just finishing off the trim and tying off
 Here we go all finished.
I put a trim on just to neaten the edges and to add a little detail and colour.
Trying to show you what it looks like on!
Well it's certainly still cold enough for a scarf here so looks like I might get to wear it a few times before its packed away for winter.


  1. What a great Saturday you had! I also love going to my parents house, always feels like home. Shame they are so far away.
    I love antiques shop and have a terrible weakness for suitcases as well ;)
    Your scarf looks lovely, the trim makes it really stand out!

  2. That Shawl was a great find! I bet it's even more beautiful in real life!

  3. It sounds like you made Saturday into a very good day indeed. Your scarf looks very snuggly - lovely job :-)

  4. I want to visit that shop too! All those lovely things to see and touch. That shawl is beautiful!
    I've not heard of Viking Yarn before but I will be keeping an eye out now. Your scarf looks lovely.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Wow, that shop looks fantastic but like you I would have been more sad at what I had to leave behind. Love the scarf, what a pretty colour. Thanks for popping by my blog and the lovely comment. Jenny

  6. Enjoyed visiting your blog today!! Beautiful scarf! I love alpaca yarn, so nice to work with isn't it? Your daughter looked so happy visiting with the chickens! Adorable. Very nice post! sandy

  7. Wow! What a lovely load of treasures in that shop, and I do think your vintage shawl is ever so pretty - good find! The alpaca wool looks wonderful - my colour too - and you've made a lovely scarf with it. Your little girl looks so happy with the 'chooks', as we call them in Australia! Very interesting post, thank you for sharing your day. Joy x

  8. Real treasures! I love the sewing machine! And your shawl is pretty.
    The scarf looks gorgeous. It is good that you can still wear it. We already have welcomed summers, here. Crocheting is becoming a little uncomfortable. :(
    Have a happy week! :)

  9. Lovely lovely vintage things. I really like your scarf, it's lovely.
    M x

  10. Your scarf is lovely love the way you have trimmed it x

  11. Oh my you did have an enjoyable day! Just looking at all the lovely pictures reminds me of the days when i used to go to second hand shops - and could afford to buy stuff.

    Lovely typewriter and suitcases. I saw someone use the vintage suitcase to showcase her crochet work in a craft show.

    Your scarf turned out beautifully. I like the edging, the contrasting color stands out making the purple even more lovely. (purple and alpaca a nice mix)

  12. Hi I am Jei from Cutey Patuty Crochet I am giving you the Liebster award. You are one of my top 11 choices I hope you visit my blog for more info.


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