Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Twit Twoo

Yesterday I went on my monthly trip to my local wool shop.
It's like being a child in a sweet shop when I'm there, I save my money all month so I can go and get most of the colours and variety's that I want.
They have a really great website too, with I think fair and reasonable prices.
Oh this occasion I was greeted by a lovely helpful lady who couldn't do enough to help, I've spoken to three different members of staff there and they all couldn't be nicer which makes such a huge difference.
On this trip I bought some of my usual DK wool in bright colours and some gorgeous Viking eco alpaca wool (a treat from my very kind partner)
I love the unusual colour  Mauve 468. It's wonderfully soft and cosy. I thought perfect for a snuggly  scarf. I've started hooking the scarf I was in two minds at first whether to knit or crochet.
I love the look of a simple double crochet so I decided on that in the end. 
Will keep you posted on my progress.
So after shopping till I was dropping I came home and hooked a couple of hootie owls!
I'm a huge fan of this ladies blog and have followed many of her tutorials when I saw these lovely owls I had to give them a go....
Here they are I made one and had to make another!

My Daughter has claimed one already!

Such a brilliant tutorial easy to follow and clear instructions

They were so fun to make....I think I might be addicted!
Many thanks again to Jacquie
So much fun


  1. Awwwww, they turned out great , thanks for telling me about them, really lovely.
    Jacquie x

    1. Thank you Jacquie. Your tutorials never fail to inspire me x

  2. Looks like a lovely yarn shop. I'm doing my best not to buy yarn at the moment. Trying to use up what I've got. Your owls turned out so cute. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Thanks Tammy. I really should use up what I have too, must be more restrained in future :)

  3. Definately going to make these owls thank you for sharing with us :)

    1. Thank you Emma. Would love to see it when your finished :)

  4. Oh what a lovely shade of purple. Looks like the perfect yarn for a scarf.
    Yes, I like her blog too - her owls are super cute. I've yet to make a set though.
    Your daughter knows quality. Thanks for sharing in the Crochet business bloggers group. :)

    1. Thanks Sara. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  5. Hey there, I'm in Oklahoma and just strolled through your blog. Lots of fun stuff. Especially liked the owls, and thanks for the link to the tutorial!


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