Sunday, 7 April 2013

My First Granny Square Cushion

Following on from
I have found a use for the granny squares I hooked the other evening.

 First of all the bit I find difficult, matching colours and seeing what goes with what! Some of the blogs I seen, the bloggers seem to find beautiful colour combinations with ease.....not me maybe one day hey!
So when I'd selected my not so sure about colours, I made some smaller granny squares than I'm used to I enjoyed hooking them as they looked a lot neater than my usual squares.
I decided I still wasn't ready for another huge project so I made the squares up in to a first, what do you think?
 Sitting pretty on the sofa.
My joining up is still a bit wobbly but getting there.
 I hooked a slightly scalloped edge for a little extra detail.
Ready for my close up! There's those wobbly joins haha never mind I still love it and I'm happy to have a new addition to my cushion family on the partner may not share the same view as he thinks I have enough already! In my opinion you can never have enough.


  1. Beautiful colors! I liked the edging too! You did it like a pro! Good work! :)

  2. That is a lovely cushion - it makes quite a statement - well done!


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