Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dollie Cushion

Pretty Round Cushion
I was very tired yesterday evening after having a lovely family day at the zoo
But I still managed to create something, sometimes I feel that my day isn't complete without making something. So yesterday I hooked a pretty frilly round cushion in one of my favourite colours.
It's the perfect new addition to my bed.
So here it is it's quite girly and has a perfect vintage look.
I was pleased with the petal like edges and I was glad with the result as it only took me a couple of hours.
I used new fashion wool in colour Glacia I like it because it looks like duck egg blue.
Here it is on my bed with its other cushion friends! I think it looks quite at home there.


  1. That is a very lovely pillow :) Very feminine!

    1. Thank you I thought it was about time I had something girly! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. What a lovely cushion you've created there - and in two hours! How did you do it so quickly; you must be a 'speed lady' me thinks! It rather resembles the artichokes my daughter grows in her garden - like you, she enjoys growing things! I am looking forward to browsing through more of your lovely posts - thank you! Joy

    1. I think I must have been in the zone that evening! I grow artichokes too I think your right it does look them.
      Thank you for your lovely comments Joy x


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