Monday, 1 April 2013

The Yarn Bombed Vase!

Pretty Vase Cover
I thought the plain glass vase I bought from a local charity shop looked a but dull so I wanted to add some spring colours and get a shot of colour quickly.
I very simply measured the vase and just double crochet a band to which I added buttons and loops to fasten.
I embellished it a little with some pretty pink flowers and leaves I guessed at these as I'm not brilliant at following patterns yet.
This is the back of the band I used some pretty wooden heart buttons just to add some interest to the back.
I used kingfisher blue DK new fashion wool and the flowers where scraps that I picked up in the same charity shop I bought the vase from it was a day of good buys.
Charity shops and second hand shops are among my favourite to shop in as you never know what you might find, I like how you can always find something unique that can make your day without costing the earth.
The title with thanks to Patrice Walker who gave me the idea.


  1. The vase looks perfect! That's a really nice and simple idea. The colors look very happy and springy! :)

    1. Aw thank you really appreciate your comments :)means so much x


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