Friday, 12 April 2013

A Pretty Vintage Find

Over the last couple of days I've been busy sowing  the rest of my seeds, more sweet peas, beans, courgettes, cosmos and hollyhocks. Keeping my fingers crossed for more sunny weather.
It has got warmer over the last few days here which has lifted my sprits a little, I hope its a sign of things to come we really could do with a decent summer if anything is to grow well.
Every window sill in the house is now full of seed trays and propagators.
 I was treated to a "potting shed" sign I haven't got a potting shed yet but I've been promised one this summer my partner is going to design and build it himself.
I popped into town where I indulged in one of my favourite things junk, charity and second hand shop shopping.
I love it, you never know what you might find. I think its great how you can find something that's totally unique to all the mass produced things and it's recycling!
 On this occasion I found two lovely bird prints and a very impressive handmade vintage crochet cushion both where absolute bargains the prints being £4.50 for two and the cushion only £1.50 unbelievable value.

 The above print is of a fire crest
 and a blue tit
I was really pleased with the vintage cushion its the perfect colours for my bedroom.
I wanted to say that I'd made this but I couldn't do it! I love the muted pinks and greys in the cushion and the intricate crochet.
Maybe one day I'll make something like that!



  1. Linda almofada! A combinação de cores está muito delicada. Bjs

  2. What a beautiful cushion, and the bird prints are quite exquisite! You were in the right place at the right time! I do hope the weather is much kinder to you all this summer - the seasons seem to be a bit confused, no wonder the plants don't know what they're supposed to be doing eh! x

  3. I am admiring your lovely sign....d x

  4. The color tones in the beautiful cushion are great!

  5. That is a very pretty cushion - gorgeously muted colours. I don't have a potting shed either - a shed, yes, but it's full of lawnmowers and paint pots. I keep trying to make space to work in there but every time I do someone shoves a bike in and fills it up again!


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