Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Watch The Birdie

Hello hope everyone has had a lovely sunny day...
It's been a lovely sunny day here in north wales. The garden is starting to spring to life, the flower beds are filling out nicely and colours are breaking through. I've noticed today the large flowering cherry is popping now with lovely white blossom.
It always makes me smile to see the little leaf buds starting to burst open showing the beautiful fresh green new leaves inside.
I've been having a sort out in my sewing room today and discovered some forgotten birdies I made last year.
Here they are hanging from the lilac tree in the garden.
A tree full of birdies.
Some of the birds have dried lavender inside and smell wonderful.
This bird is made from vintage dress fabric.
A box full of loveliness.

Twit too hootie owls!

Lavender heart hanger.

I enjoyed making this vintage pin cushion I used very old Laura Ashley fabric from my Grannies collection topped off with a vintage button.
So the plan with these is to donate them to a local rehabilitation centre where they work with people who have mental and physical disabilities.
They have a craft table where they sell wares to raise money for activities and up keep of the centre.
If they sell I will keep donating in the hope that doing something I enjoy helps.
Anyhoo on a different subject my daughter and I had some visitors to the garden yesterday we were so excited to see them....
  Here they are having a nose around the veg garden! My daughter and I couldn't resist giving them a cheeky slice of bread they seemed to enjoy it.
My guess was they were looking for the perfect nesting place....so fingers crossed for some ducklings soon.
I spotted these pretty narcissi that have opened over the last few days. I love the two tone yellow.
The hyacinths are out...and smell wonderful the breeze keeps wafting the aroma down the my favourite sitting spot.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week


  1. Another lovely post FB; I like all your little sewing projects bound for the craft table - so good to help out, and your lovely offerings will surely be appreciated. Your pics are all so sweet and springlike and I do hope the nice weather hangs in this time!
    The old Morris looks terrific - when my (now) hubby and I were seventeen we really fancied a Sunbeam Alpine in a similar colour to that - it was 'duck egg blue'. We still haven't had one after all these years, but then, other things take over don't they - like family and housing and food!!! Much more sensible
    Enjoy the rest of your week. Joy xx

  2. Some lovely makes there! I love the little birdies and owls.
    M x

  3. Just popped back again FB to thank you for the beautiful email you just left me in response to my new post - I really really appreciate your interest and encouragement - you are such a reliable follower!
    Blessings to you and yours! Joy xx

  4. Wow, I wish I had ducks visiting my garden!

  5. I want a tree full of birds - so lovely x

  6. Love all your creative work ~ and the lovely work hanging from the trees ~ Wow! Great job! And thanks so much for starting that creativity group ~ hope to see more of your work ~ ^_^

    I am doing mostly photography now sort of photo art ~ and some sketching and painting ~ not much ~ Are you doing the new blog frog? not me , not yet ~

  7. I love those birds. I made some similar for a baby mobile but wished i'd thought to stuff them with lavender like your did. And how lovely to donate them all too. x

  8. Came across you today while I was looking for a knit hat pattern. I really like your taste and projects. So adorable. Thank you and I'll be back.


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