Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Down at the bottom of the garden

I've always loved snails being a keen gardener you'd think it would be the opposite but no!
I have fond memories of collecting snails in the garden as a child studying them drawing them and racing them.
A strange love you may think......but imagine my excitement when I came across a pattern for a crocheted snail.
I love going to my local library I love the smell and the quiet atmosphere and I always come away with arm fulls of books usually craft books and among them this time I had "super-super cute crochet"
Or if your very lucky your local library!
I made the African Land Snail

Here she is Shelly the snail! I know an imaginative name :)
I love this daffodils sold in aid of Marie Claire a lovely mix of Narcissus
Still some snow in the back ground!

She's off!
Would love to hear your comments and maybe hear from fellow snail lovers :)


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