Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Red and White

Hello, Hello.
Hope you're all having a lovely week?
Thank you so much for visiting me and thank you to all that commented, I hope I got back to you all in one way or another...
Really appreciated!
So it's not been hugely busy this week.
I'm still hooking away at my hexagon blanket.
To give me a little break I gave myself a quick and fun project...

Here it is! A little pleasure to make.
I was so excited to photograph it in the grass.
Thought it looked at home. My Mum said I ought to make a fairy to sit on it.
So, carrying on with the red and white theme...
This arrived for me in the post today - my first indulgence in ages! And my first Cath Kidston bag.
It was in the sale :)
Funny how I have to justify things I have... if it was for my daughter I wouldn't!
Hope you're having a wonderful week so far.


  1. Your toadstool looks fabulous! and everyone needs a treat every now and then I love red and white polka dots, what a lovely bag! :-) x

  2. Ooooooh that is so sweet FB! So when can we expect to see a little faerie sitting atop - or under - of course if we focus really hard we may just be able to visualise her there already .... ...... !!!
    And your new bag is rather gorgeous too - and so you should indulge yourself - life is too short! But I do know what you mean about justifying treats for ourselves, maybe we all do that - and maybe we don't realise and acknowledge our own worth! You are worth it - just do it!!! xxx
    How are the preparations going for your craft sale?
    I'm looking forward to an update on your lovely hexie blanket - I'm still busy with my hexes too but not sure yet what the outcome will be!
    Hope your week is going really well,
    Hugs, Joy xo

    1. Hello :)
      Oh I don't know I thought I might just borrow one of my daughters fairies hehe.
      I always feel guilty when I buy myself something over a certain amount of money silly really, I think It might be something to do with acknowledging own worth maybe?
      Preparations are plodding on thank you. I've had a date now too for the beginning of September, so we keep going.
      I've been working on the hexagon blanket tonight it's coming on slowly, I'm not rushing just enjoying it.
      You hexes are lovely they'll be beautiful I'm sure, look forward to seeing them again xx

  3. I love shrooms and gnomes. You did a lovely job and YES, putting it in the green grass makes for a nice photo. Your mom is right, make a wee fairy or gnome to go with it.

  4. That little toadstool is so sweet, I'd fill my garden with them! :) Mums definitely deserve regular treats, we too often give so much of ourselves but don't reward ourselves for it! Chrissie x

  5. Love the red and white spotty theme of this post! Your little toadstool is so sweet! It looks great how you have photographed it in the grass. I love your new bag too, really lovely.
    M x

  6. I am happy to report it did make me smile!! I was reminded of the Alice in Wonderland Disney cartoon & those times in the 1960's when mushrooms were a common high.

    Cathy the Bagg Lady

  7. Your mushroom is so cute! Great job. I love red and white polka dots. I'm just starting to think about making a Cath K order; I will buy some things for myself to put away for my own birthday in November, to make shopping easier for my husband! Haha. I've done it before. I don't order from her very much but she recently made her shipping rates to the US a little lower. Enjoy your spotty treasures. :)

  8. I like your fun project it looks so good in the grass. I love your Cath Kidston bag my daughter has one just the same, but in a different colour.
    Sarah x

  9. Shrooms make me smile ... it definitely needs a fairy ~ Sarah x

  10. Your toadstool is delightful! There is something so appealing about red and white spots, and I love the way you photographed it in the grass. x

  11. The mushroom is adorable! A faery would be a really sweet addition. :) Your bag is fabulous. It is so important to treat ourselves from time to time.

  12. Love the toadstool... do you have a pattern? x

    1. Thanks Alison, I don't sorry I just made it without. Sure there will be one on ravelry maybe? X


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