Sunday, 23 June 2013

Raindrops on Roses

Hello, Hello
Hope everyone has been having a lovely weekend? Sunday already, the week has just flown by.
It's been quite busy here with one thing and another, have had some crafty time too though.
Let me introduce you to Foxy Loxy...
New member of the magnet gang.
My wool order arrived on Wednesday so I've picked up where I left off with my hexagon blanket.
It's coming on well and feels super soft.
I've been sewing peg bags for the craft sale, I used some vintage fabric on this one.
The weather's been a bit changeable here this week, but between showers I've managed to get some garden time...
My first crop, it feels so good to have grown something yourself.

Plenty more where that came from!
Here are some flowers that have gone pop this week. Flag Iris.

Pretty pink aquilegia found amongst the ferns.  

Not quite popped yet but on its way, Allium.
Finally, raindrops on roses...

I cant get enough of these roses, not only are they beautiful but the smell is divine.
Thank you for visiting me.


  1. Foxy Loxy is very cute. Strawberries look very tasty, we don't have any yet this year. Your garden looks fab :) xx

  2. I love Foxy Loxy!!! He is adorable. Great job. Your gardening is looking lovely, those strawberries look perfect!

  3. I love the fox :) Your garden has so many beautiful flowers - I love reading your posts!

  4. Those strawberries look lush! I have to keep an eye on ours because my dog's always pinching them. And I agree with Cheryl, Foxy Loxy is very cute indeed. :)

  5. What a sly fox! So perfectly stitched...and the hexie blanket is beautiful - it would suit my sitting room perfectly, maybe I should start one! Chrissie x

  6. Lovely photos! Ooh your strawberries look good :-) x

  7. Hello lovely friend FB, you continue to produce such beauty, hello Foxy Loxy - you're very cute; luscious strawberries - I could so relish your mouthwatering goodness; gorgeous hexie blanket - I could cuddle up in your lovely natural colour and softness; ah serene and perfect roses - divine!
    Then there's the very useful and pretty peg bag which reminds me that there is a load of washing to be put through, but, how lovely to use a peg bag such as this one with a 'proper' sized opening - I struggle with mine - must change it one of these days!!!
    Your irises, 'granny bonnets' and alliums are all beautiful too FB - you're a very busy and successful girl, keep going!
    A wonderful week to you and yours,
    Joy xx

    1. Hello Joy.
      Such a lovely comment.
      I love the name granny bonnets for iris's such a sweet name.
      Yes I was pleased with the peg bag it was very simple and quick.
      I really did love seeing your Mr Cockerel all framed up and posh xx

    2. Granny bonnets is a lovely term to identify a plant by - it's for the aquilegias FB - maybe it came about because it's easier to spell, maybe it's just Aussie slang - but there definitely is a strong resemblance between an old fashioned bonnet and a (single type) aquilegia, don't you think! But then again, it's quite suitable for the stately iris as well!
      I loved the comment you left re Mr C - I always enjoy our correspondence so much, thank you, you're such a dear heart! xoxo

    3. Ops! silly me. Granny bonnets does suit the aquilegias more! Thank you for clearing that up :)
      Me too always look forward to hearing from you. Speak soon xx

  8. So lovely to grow your own strawberries. Love the peg bag and the fabric you've used!

  9. Your photos are beautiful!
    Thank-you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!
    Lisa H.

  10. I LOVE your post title! your photos are lovely, as are your makes. isn't this weather frustrating?! XX

    1. Very frustrating Suzanne. But I think today its taken a turn for the better fingers crossed xx

  11. Oh I love Foxy Loxy :) Your roses are incredibly beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


  12. Your strawberries look so fantastic. And I love Foxy Loxy, so very sweet.
    M x

  13. Hi just found your lovely Blog, you have so many pretty flowers at the moment, and your peg bag looks great.

  14. It certainly does! I picked a handful today too...for my afters.

    Nina x

  15. Your strawberries look lovely - I think they are crying out for super thick jersey cream x

  16. Foxy Loxy is very cute and I loved seeing your gorgeous flowers and strawberries! The rose scents are so delicious aren't they....the best kind of perfume....
    Helen x

  17. Your strawberries look fantastic we have had our first crop this week too. The yellow rose with the raindrops on looks fantastic.
    Sarah x


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