Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hooky Owl and Evening Garden

Hello to you...
How's your week been so far?
Tuesday is my volunteering day at my local charity shop, so I've been pretty busy today.
But still found time to hook up this little cutie.

 I do love owls of all kinds so making this one was a real joy and quick too!
I got the pattern from the "Craft Seller" magazine.
I'd not bought this magazine before - at £4.99 its a bit more than I usually pay for a magazine.
I've not regretted it though, I'm really enjoying leafing through it.
I think I will ask for a subscription for my birthday or Christmas.
While out in the garden this evening I took the liberty of making the most of the lovely evening light. Indulge me a minute please...
Johnsons blue geranium

Red Campion

Freshly opened old rose


Towering Alliums.
Is everyone else enjoying the lighter evenings? I know I am.
Meet Poppy, sleeping in the evening sunshine.
Hope you're all having a lovely week so far?
Thank you for your lovely comments on the last post, they really made me smile.


  1. Cute owl, so sweet! Yes that's quite a lot for a magazine, but it looks like good value considering all the patterns etc.
    Lovely flower photos, one of my fav geraniums! The alliums are beautiful.
    Poppy is adorable!
    Have a good week!
    Gill xx

  2. PS Have just read your comment on mine. You should be ok as you've already signed up to Google + and Bloglovin and so people can follow you on those - so you're fine I think!

  3. Lovely little owl FB - how did you go with the ears - did you learn an easier way to get them pointy (other than for the kittykat)?
    Your blooms are lovely and I don't think I've seen that blue geranium before - I love it!
    So this is Poppy, and she is beautiful, and relaxed! How is the little grey kitten you showed us a while back, in the blanket?
    That looks like a good magazine FB - I have to pay my local newsagent $12.95 for my Simply Crochet mags. although the UK price is same as for your 'Craftseller', so it's a good job I love it for that is enough to buy half a book!!!
    Wishing you happy hooking times and whatever else takes your fancy.
    Joy xx

    1. Hi Joy. Hope your weeks been going well. Well I think it was the experience making the cat that helped with the owl it was very simular. The Johnson's blue geranium is one of my favourites, had to slot it in somewhere :)
      The big grey kitten is fine he is now on top of the blanket. I think it's nice to have a treat every now and then a magazine is mine, I think we deserve them.
      I must have a look at this simply crochet, I've had love crochet before that was a good read. Enjoy the rest of you week xx

  4. Your owl is really cute! I love your alliums they are amazing looking flowers - lovely to round off your post with a very contented Poppy! Eilidh x

  5. What a sweet little owl and such pretty blossoms in your garden. Summer is such a bright, happier time, not hard to smile with all the beauty of nature around us x Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I love your type writer you found at the vintage fair, the font is my favourite from these old type writers, hope you have good fun with it xxx Penny

  6. Adorable owl and beautiful flowers and of course and oh so sweet sleeping cat. Thank you for sharing all your beauties!

  7. I love your little owl! Owls are a favorite around here, my little girl's room has an owl theme. Your flowers are looking beautiful!

  8. I love the lighter evenings and the longer days, so much more seems to get done. Your owl is cute and the garden is looking lovely. Sarah x

  9. That owl is adorable. I wish I could crochet up something like that, my two would love an owl each. Your garden is looking very colourful. x

  10. Cute little owl, I had better not show it to my daughter. She is crazy about them and will have me making one. I'm afraid I've got a massive great to-do list as it is :)
    Thanks for popping by to admire my sewing, a new face is always welcome x

  11. Your little owl is very cute! I enjoyed seeing all your lovely flowers today too :)
    Have a happy day!
    Helen x

  12. Awww...your owl and Poppy make me smile :) Too sweet! Thank you for visiting and leaving a sweet comment, such a delight! I am now following you via GFC and Bloglovin' and I am excited to visit again.

    Hugs to you!


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