Sunday, 16 June 2013

Blue Bird and Weekend Wanderings


Hello to you...
Well, it's been a busy weekend...
Had a lovely Fathers Day, today making my Daddy lunch and having a good laugh.
I hope you'll enjoy some photos from this weekend.
The crochet owl now has a friend, blue bird.

Chives in full bloom.

Pretty pink Peony.

Alliums (again)

Cheeky snail.

Dusty sunning himself.


The Ceanothus is in full blue bloom. 

The bees love it.

It was literally buzzing while photographing it. 

My best friend and I took a trip to Leeds.
I was so pleased to pick up a Cath Kidston teapot in the sale.

I think it might need a tea cosy...I must get myself over to ladybirddiaries to use her fab tutorial.
Hope that everyone has a lovely week, whatever you're doing.


  1. What gorgeous photos! love your alliums shot from underneath and your teapot' s lovely, looking forward to seeing your tea cosy! :-)

  2. Love the owl and bluebird, so cute. what a pretty teapot :) xx

  3. Hello FB - what a great post -so much in it!
    I love Mr Owl's friend, Bluebird - you are really doing well with the amigurumi now, well done!!!
    And I LOVE Dusty! He is so gorgeous, and what a lovely thick coat he has - I bet he gets brushed to keep control of all that hair!
    Or maybe he doesn't like the brush?
    Your teapot is so sweet - it would be a shame to cover it up with a cosy, but then again, cosies are very pretty too so off you go and get busy with M's pattern - then let us have a look please!
    Your garden pics are so lovely FB, especially that peony with the droplets - I look at that and my heart melts! And that impertinent snail - how dare he leave his streaky marks on your trowel! NO! He doesn't make my heart melt!!!
    Wishing a great week for you FB,
    Joy xx

    1. Hello Joy,
      I'm glad you like the blue bird and thank you I am starting to feel a bit more confident with amigurumi now.
      Oh I love Dusty too he does get brushed indeed he has a very thick coat and very soft too- he loves the brush.
      Still waiting for some yarn for the tea cosy then I will be dusting off the knitting needles.
      I do love gardens at this time of year everything suddenly fills out.
      Haha I know naughty snail! They seem to be taking over here at the moment.
      Still jealous of your hexagons :)
      Have a great week xx

  4. Beautiful picutres of your flowers. I love the owl and bluebird. I can hardly wait to see your tea cozy for the gorgeous teapot.

  5. I love your upwards views...alliums and Dusty the kitty cat.

  6. Gorgeous flowers and I love the crochet owl and bird!

  7. Dusty looks really cute. Lucky you to have such a gorgeous teapot now.
    Thank you for coming to my blog.
    XO, Martina♥


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