Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Hello to you...
How's your week been so far?
Good I hope?
It's been quite a quiet week here so far.
Over the last few evenings I've made some felt magnets for the craft sale.
I enjoyed doing some hand stitching for a change.
I enjoyed stitching up the kitsch deer, swallow and apple.
I think the apple has to be my favourite.
We've had some lovely warm weather over the past few days.
I've been out in garden a lot.
The poppies have gone pop!

Our other Poppy was interested in the contents of the watering can.

This is a plant my Mum gave me and neither of us can remember what its called any ideas?

Our beautiful roses are in bloom and smell wonderful.

Lovely full flower beds.
Hope the week's been passing by nicely.


  1. Your felt magnets are brilliant. I think i like the little deer the best. What a great idea. x

  2. Hi there, lovely magnets! and I love your pink poppies, sorry don't know your mystery plant, gorgeous garden photos! :-)

  3. Hi FB - you are really busy preparing for your craft sale, aren't you! Those little magnets are very cute and clever - I do like them. And I love poppies - to me they are like crinkly paper in the most beautiful shades - and furry Poppy seems very content wandering around his/her garden - inquisitive!
    I don't know what that plant is FB but it sure looks interesting - reminds me of a thistle before opening - and your rose is absolutely gorgeous. In fact your whole garden is gorgeous - I would love to see the layout in one big pic, but I know that is just about impossible to do with most gardens - and separate 'garden rooms' have a mysterious quality about them that keep us entranced anyway.
    Stay happy and well, and keep crafting - you're doing a great job!
    Joy xx

    1. I am busy preparing yes! I seem to go in spurts haha. Oh Poppy loves her garden she's very territorial for a girl cat.
      I'm still in the dark with the mystery plant will keep an eye on it and see what it's like when it opens.
      I wish I could show you the whole garden, but it would be impossible with it being on different levels and sections.
      Thank you Joy for your encouragement.
      Look forward to your next post xx

  4. Love the magnets, think the apple is my favourite too. Poppies are beautiful, Poppy is cute too :) xx

  5. Hi, like the magnets. Hope they go well at the craft sale.

    S xx

  6. Your garden really is lovely. The magnets are so pretty too.
    M x

  7. Beautiful poppies, and your wee cat is very cute too. Juliex

  8. Our daft cat did the very same thing last week - head right in! Silly thing.

    Nina x

  9. Oh I really love those magnets! They are so sweet, and they look like they were great fun to make, too. The poppies in my garden burst this week, too! Chrissie x

  10. What sweet magnets! I love the little bird :) Your poppies and roses are glorious! My poppies just started blooming as well, but my roses are very slow this year. Thank you for sharing their prettiness with us.

    I came across your lovely blog while visiting Abiola - have a beautiful weekend!



  12. Such beautiful poppies :)



  13. Your garden looks so pretty including all the poppies! Does your plant have daisy type flowers. I think it is like one we have in the garden but can't remember what it is called! I haven't seen it appear this year so I will have to look out for it.
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I'm still watching the mystery flower. Still don't know what it is. Will post a photo when it opens x


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