Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hexagons and Vintage Shopping

Hello to you...
My gosh I was over-whelmed by the lovely comments I had on the last post! Thank you so much lovelies.
It's been a lovely week here in Wales, full of sunshine and good times.
I've recently started crocheting hexagons.
I'm hoping to make a small throw for my sitting room.
Here they are.

Beginning to take shape.
I've been a bit naughty recently, starting projects and not finishing them. My excuse with the cushions is that I'm waiting for new yarn to arrive.
Today has been lovely. My partner usually works on the weekend so it was a lovely treat to spend a Saturday together. We decided to go to a local vintage and antiques show.

It was a lot bigger than I expected, and better, with some real bargains and a huge variety.
We had ice cream too!
So, do you want to know what I came home with?
What's in here?
 Ta Da! I've been after one for agggeeeessss!
My lovely partner bought me this ring - the first ring he's bought me... note its on the right hand!
1960s tiger eye silver ring, so pleased.
I'm a very lucky girl.
We popped in to see my parents on the way home and I took a few sunny photos in their beautiful garden.
Hello froggy

Pond dipping.

The Rosa rugosa is very popular with the bees and smells divine.
I hope everyone is having a lovely sunny weekend.







  1. Love the pictures! Someday I would love to go to the UK, including Wales. I have ancestors from Wales (Jones), Scotland, Northern Ireland and Britain.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your photos are so nice. I love the way your hexes are coming out.

  3. Your hexagons look lovely! That looks like a lovely day out and I love the things you got.
    M x

  4. Hiya FB - how nice to be doing something like this together on the weekend!
    That is a lovely ring - what a super gift; I also like the cute little typewriter and it's great colour! Isn't it strange how ice-cream always seems to make an appearance when we're out and about - like the icing on the cake!
    So you are into hexes, and very nicely done too - I suppose it won't surprise you that I found a pattern for similar yesterday - so they are on my agenda for 'soon', after this little blanket it finished.
    It's good to have a few projects on the go at one time FB - we need variety and the ability to pick-up and leave-off when the mood takes us - we wouldn't want to be put in a box, would we!!! Variety is the spice of life!
    Keep enjoying your weekend and take time to smell the roses - that pink one is a beauty. Love it, can almost smell it here.
    Joy xx

    1. Hello Joy.
      How lovely to hear from you. Yes I thought the type writer was a great colour too. Yes ice cream does do that doesn't it haha.
      Oh look forward to seeing your hexagons there going to be wonderful I know it. Yes I like to have a few projects at once I do tend to get bored if I'm fixed on just one thing.
      Variety is the spice of life your right.
      Hope you've had a lovely weekend Joy.
      Look forward to your next post xx

  5. What a lovely weekend you are having. Your ring is fabulous and your hexagons look great. Can't wait to see the finished throw.

  6. What a fabulous weekend :) I love your ring! and your ice cream reminds me of when I visited the UK ;) with that delicious Flake! peaking out of the side!! Rhondda

  7. The hexies are lovely, and the vintage and antique fair full of good stuff.
    What a great find with the typewriter, and your ring is gorgeous - lucky you!
    Weather here back to the usual grey and the odd shower :(
    Gill xx

  8. A perfect weekend! I love how the throw is coming out. That neutral yarn will go with anything. Strolling through antiques on a sunny day is fabulous, especially with ice cream involved. The ring is gorgeous!

  9. I do love a spot of vintage shopping and your typewriter looks gorgeous.

    Nina x

  10. Hi there - I gasped when the typewriter photo came up I would be so excited to find that little treasure - you always have such lovely photos - I have nominated you for a Leibster Blog Award for new bloggers! Hope that's ok! Eilidh (Sew Smittin).

    1. Thank you Eilidh. So glad you liked the typewriter I was so excited to get one, wanted one for ages. That's very kind of you...Lovely that you thought of me x

  11. What a lovely Saturday and I love your little collection of treasures. Thank you for capturing everything so beautifully your photos are perfect x

  12. Oh my goodness, spooky! - I have been pond dipping and making hexagons this week that is funny to see the same. All looks great fun. See mine here

  13. Ooooh gorgeous typewriter! Couldn't believe my luck when I found one for a bargain at a vintage fair last year :) Crochet hexagons looking good, I am yet to try a hooky hexagon, it's on my list! Hx

  14. Found your blog through Anne's blog (Andamento), and just wanted to say how nice your hexagons are. Are they from the Erika Knight book? I've got that one too but have yet to make something from it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I used a tutorial on memerose blog you will find her on my favourite blogs list. Hope this helps. It's a great book lots of lovely projects :)


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