Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Last Camp Of Summer

Hello to you.
How are you all?
It's been one of those weeks when nothing happens for days, then it all happens at once.
I've had a cold the past few days that seems to have knocked me a bit...but I seem to be getting better now. Slowly.
I've been hooking away at yet another blanket. My colourings are inspired by Cath Kidston.
I spent last weekend in a field in Shrewsbury, England, at a music and comedy festival. It was good fun, with a sleeping bag and quilt we had a very warm nest to sleep in after a fun night listening to music and eating Mexican food.
The weather here has been very changeable.
A rainy day to start the week. It does make the fennel and cobwebs look beautiful.
The mountain ash (rowan) tree is laden with bright red berries. The birds seem to love them.
These photos are from today when we've had temperatures in the 20s.
I'm not the best of cooks but even I can manage a crumble! I used rhubarb and elderberries from my September harvest, I always enjoy cooking more when it's my own home-grown produce.

Yesterday was so sunny we all decided to go out for some fresh air. We are very lucky to live not too far away from such lovely walks.
Can you see me waving in the shadow? The last photo shows my brother, my daughter and my brother's girlfriend who are visiting us at the moment from down south.
My brother and I are very close and I love having him to stay - makes me feel like a happy child again, sharing memories and laughing at in-jokes together.
My partner broke the lid to this coffee pot! Initially I was not amused, but don't you think it makes a nice vase?
I couldn't bear to throw it out.
I will finish on my car boot sale bargains bought today. Maybe not to everyone's taste but I love my deer and picture.
"Tina" by J H Lynch my very beautiful lady £30...I know I know hardly a bargain but I looked her up tonight on eBay and she's going for £80-odd.
Little deer part of a box for a £1 which I filled with all sorts of vintage china, books and CDs.
Thank you very much for the well wishes and comments as always.
Hope you've had a lovely weekend, whatever you've been up to.


  1. I've never been to a festival and I would love to go to one some time, I think maybe when I move there... it's going to be in order for sure!
    Maybe I should wait until the children are older? Do people bring their children? I'm following you on bloglovin now and I really look forward to it!
    Have a great week!
    Tammy x

    1. Hi Tammy
      Yes there's always lots of children at festivals some very young they always seem to be having a great time. I've not taken my daughter yet but plan to next year.
      Thanks for your lovely comment x

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon :) I love your wee deer! We have one like that from my husband's Grandma - have a lovely week! Rhondda

  3. Yes the weather is strange. Last weekend wind and rain, today blue sky and sunshine. Good to hear you had a great time at the festival.
    S xx

  4. Oh my!! You have a beautiful, beautiful blog!! I loved my visit to your place here, and love your pictures!! I am now following you on Bloglovin, and I joined your page here!! Stop by and say hello on my blog too!! is my blog here on blogger, I just have my own domain. I will be back again!! Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy and welcome lovely to have you here I'm just heading over to you blog now for a gander x

  5. Ah yes FB you do have another project on the go and I do like your bright and cheery colours. I'm glad that cold is on the way out and you're feeling a bit more like your self again.
    Sorry the lid was broken but boy, that jug sure does make a lovely stylish vase - love it! And I also love your sweet little bambi - my Aunt used to have one of those - probably still does, and your 'Tina' is very lovely.
    Your pics are all lovely FB, showing that you're having some good times, and it's nice to know you and your brother get on so well together - a relationship to treasure, which you obviously do!
    I hope your Grandma continues to recover well!
    Warm hugs, Joy xo

    1. Aw Joy thank you for mentioning my Grannie, she continues to get more mobile. Glad you liked my car boot buys.
      Always love reading your kind comments. Will pop in and see of you have any new posts for me to enjoy. I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  6. Hi. You were in my neck of the woods at the weekend. Hope you had a lovely time. Your blanket is looking good. x

  7. It's wonderful to visit and see what you have been up to :) We are having cooler temperatures as well. In fact, this evening is quite chilly so there is a cozy fire going in the fire place - I love it :) Hugs to you!

  8. Lovely post, lots of interesting things! Your new blanket is looking lovely and the crumble made with fruit from your harvest looks delicious! Hope your cold is better and you have a great week.
    Helen x

  9. You have everything right to soothe that cold - colourful crochet, delicious crumble, and family comforts. You'll be better in no time! Chrissie x PS I have the same beautiful fennel and spider webs in my garden - fascinating, isn't it? :-)

  10. So many wonderful photos! A music and comedy festival all in one sounds so fun! That crumble must have been delicious. Your vintage finds are so sweet. I hope you are feeling much better today. :)

  11. I love the way you used the coffeepot, so creative! Your blanket is looking great so far. I hope you're feeling all better very soon.

  12. Love the reuse of the tea pot! Makes a great little vase!!
    Hope you get better soon. xx

  13. Your coffee pot makes a lovely vase, your blanket it looking lovey, great colour choice, I do love Cath Kitson stlye.
    Clare x

  14. I love the look of that blanket, those colours work really well together. Excellent car boot bounty, too! x

  15. Your blanket looks fab! A CK inspired blanket is definitely on my list of things I really want to make. Love your little deer too, so sweet.
    Marianne xx

  16. Love your gorgeous coloured blanket - so cheerful!
    Looks like you've been having a busy time enjoying the lovely weather, lets hope it lasts a bit longer!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and have a great weekend.
    Gill xx


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