Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nerves and New Arrivals

Hello bloggy friends, and new followers.
 Welcome and thank you so much for joining me.
Happy September.
Hope you are all well and wonderful?
It's been a busy time here, my daughter returned to school yesterday for her first day of juniors. It was a big change for her but I think she has enjoyed herself, especially catching up with her friends.
Here is our new little friend Wicket, my daughter's first pet. When I was a child I was always encouraged to keep pets.
I think it's good for children to have something to care for and gives them a great sense of responsibility. Also, keeping pets from such a young age has given me a life-long love of animals that I hope my daughter will inherit too. 

I've been busy sorting through bags and bags of knitting needles and pairing them up. On Saturday they will go on sale for fellow knitters at the craft sale.

I treated myself to this little tin, originally for record needles but now a home for pins.
I have quite a collection of vintage tins and will have to show them to you one of these days...

Getting ready for next year, I bought my garden a present of some new bulbs.
I will plant them for much needed early colour in early spring. 

This little beauty looks up at me while I'm washing up and makes me smile.

My wool stash had a tiny clear out today - the wool ends I picked out will go to the craft sale.

Our tea last night, requested by my daughter. Simple pasta with roasted red pepper sauce and our courgettes from the garden.

My daughter and I have been harvesting sunflower seeds.

So neat in their little honeycomb home.

Plenty of lovely seeds for the birds.

Lovely Chrissie mentioned in her last comment to me that she would like to see some of my craft sale wears, so here they are.

I've been busy pricing and arranging.
I will take photos on Saturday of my stall for you all to see.

I found pricing quite difficult... I really couldn't decide what they were worth.

So school runs begin and my big weekend is approaching. I am quite nervous to be honest, it's the first time I've put myself out there for opinions and critique.
So bloggy friends wish me luck.
Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the last post.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


  1. Hello FB - what a newsy post with so many lovely pics; your life is so full!!!
    Your 'for sale' items are so gorgeous - you really have been busy this past while, and I understand what a difficult task it would be to price everything although I'm sure you've done fine and I'm wishing you the very best with it all!
    I hope the school term goes well for your daughter and I do wish her well with 'Wicket' - lots of fun ahead I can imagine!!!
    I love your pink bloom - such a beautiful shade, and also love that you collect the seeds to feed the lovely birds!
    Here's wishing you the very best for your crafty weekend FB - don't be nervous, it'll all be fine, and I do hope the sun shines beautifully!
    Warm hugs,
    Joy xo

    1. Hello Joy!
      What a busy weekend that was lucky I had a little helper to get me through daughter was my sidekick for the whole weekend.
      There is something quite therapeutic about picking the sunflower seeds out and sorting them.
      Thank you for your kind words always cheer me up :) xx

  2. Ooo how exciting! I love your craft items for the sale, all so pretty and bang on-trend! Looking forward to seeing it all displayed on the stall - and I wish you all the luck in the world! Sending positive crafty vibes your way, Chrissie x ps How cute is little Wicket! ;-)

  3. Good luck this weekend! Your makes are beautiful and I am sure they will be popular. Wicket is totally adorable, he looks like a lot of fun. :)

  4. You are having a full life these days. I love all your stall items for the fair and I am sure you will do well. I can understand your nervousness but never fear, it will be a success I am sure.

  5. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous wicket!! :-) xx

  6. Good luck for the weekend, I'm sure it will go well. Wicket is very sweet! Juliex

  7. Best of luck with the craft sale, you have some lovely things to sell. Love your new little hamster and what a cute name for him!
    M x

  8. Wonderful photos. Wicket is adorable. I love the idea of harvesting the sunflower seeds for the birds. They will be very appreciative! Pricing is so difficult for all of us who craft something so I completely understand. Good luck with sale and have fun!

  9. Wicket is so sweet! You look like you have have a fun week!

  10. Oh good luck with the stall. I bet your hard work will be fruitful :-)
    I have been asked to do a stall at a Christmas fair, but what to sell!!!
    Wicket is a cute.

  11. I hope you have a lovely time on your craft stall - everything looked lovely - good luck x

  12. I like the way you saved the sunflower seeds for the birds - I wish I'd done that now. Your stock for your craft stall looks fantastic. I hope it's a big success! x

  13. Hey! Thank you for popping by on my blog :)

    It looks like you have been very busy! I love the idea of giving children a sense of responsibility with pets....and a very cute hamster!

    I love how keen you are for the spring next year, I am ready to embrace the winter and start making blankets, scarves and hats!

    Good luck with the craft sale, I love seeing that much wool!!


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