Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn Days

Hello to you.
Hope you've all enjoyed a lovely weekend?
We've all been affected here by some kind of virus...I think, fingers crossed, we are all getting rid of it now. Fresher's flu my neighbour calls it as it always seems to happen when the children go back to school/ college in September. 
I've been anticipating the new crochet along (CAL) which has been organised by two of my favourite blogs.
I haven't got a copy of cute and easy crochet yet but I'm hoping to join in, in some way.
Sounds like it could be fun.

A busy weekend all in all. We've enjoyed some lovely sunny weather, perfect for getting outside before the chillier months set in. 
I had an urge to make a toadstool the other night so a stitched up this little pretty. I've pinned it on my coat for a bit of extra colour.

Although Autumn has arrived I still have some lovely blooms about the place...
1, The broken coffee pot with some sunflowers and hydrangeas from the garden.
2, A bargain from home base 50p pretty in pink cyclamen.
3, Lovely rose in the sun, smelling so sweet.

More photos from our walks.
1, An amazing view from the tops of the mountains local to us. Views out over the castle.
2, Sunshine breaking through the aqueduct.
3, Sheep!
4, My daughter getting into her photography down by the river.

Some photos from the garden this week.
1, Purple cauliflower.
2, Cosmos still in bloom.
3, Spider on a cut stem.
4, My first crop of purple sprouting broccoli.
Thank you so much for my lovely comments on the last post, I always love to hear from you and thank you to my new followers - lovely to have you here with me.
Hope you all enjoy a lovely week.


  1. Great pictures of some lovely Autumn days! I'm a teacher and, yes, annoyingly lots of people tend to get ill just as the new academic year starts and everyone's raring to go! x

  2. We're in the same boat, all coughs and sniffles in my house, and I wish you all the speediest recovery! Your photos are beautiful, and I love your crochet bunting - can't wait to see what you choose for the CAL! Take care, Chrissie x

  3. That little toadstool is so cute! Nice work! I hope you feel better soon. xoxo

  4. Hi FB, I hope by now you are all well on the way to recovery! Another lovely post with beaut pics of your snippets of everyday life, thanks for sharing them! I love your little toadstool - can't beat a bit of cheery colour to brighten the day, especially when you're feeling a bit off. I'm glad you decided to join in the CAL and I'm sure you'll find something lovely to crochet - and of course if you've signed up to join then you're in with a chance to win that lovely book! I'm not doing the CAL as I feel unable to keep up with everything - I'm still involved with the Sunday Stitchalong and that is keeping me busy enough. Enjoy it lovely!
    Warm hugs, Joy xo

    1. Hello Joy
      I'm feeling a lot better thank you, unfortunately my partner now has it! Glad you like my attempt at stitching I enjoyed making the toad stool.
      I thought I would join in with the CAL for a bit of a change...give me something else to witter about.
      Unfortunately I didn't win the book but I think I will have to treat myself to it as it looks really good.
      I think your busy enough too Joy your stitching is lovely and is looking brilliant.
      Hope you have a lovely week, look forward to seeing your next post xx

  5. Lovely photos, and I hope you're feeling better now. I've got a cold that refuses to go away, which is very unusual for me. Ugh.

    I'll have to check out the CAL - I do have that book!

  6. Sounds like a good weekend! Great photos and I adore your little toadstool brooch, it is just perfect. Thank you for the little mention about the crochet-a-long, very sweet of you, and look forward to you joining in!
    Marianne xx

  7. Lovely post - hope you are all feeling better. Your toadstool brooch is fab. Have a great week XX

  8. Love the toad stool - too cute :) As always, your photos are lovely to look at. Have a great week. Hugs!

  9. Happy Fall! I love the bunting. So colorful. All my flowers are gone but I'm glad to see you have some still blooming. The sheep remind me of my trip to Ireland. They were everywhere! I hope you are feeling better. :)

  10. Your toodstool and bunting bring such cheerfulness. The cylamen was a great find for 50p!
    Sarah x

  11. So many pretty flowers. I love your toadstool, it's so cute and cheerful! I really hope you feel better soon, get lots of rest and take care of yourself!

  12. Lovely pics :-) can't believe u just whipped up that toadstool brooch - it'd take me about a week to make that! You should totally start an etsy store! Xxx

  13. What a great post with some fab pictures, I love your little toadstool brooch, it's so cute. I'm looking forward to the crochet along too, I hope you are all feeling better soon.
    Clare xx

  14. Hello, thank you for visiting me and leaving lovely comments. You live in a beautiful part of the world, my sister-in-law lives in North Wales. Good luck with the crochet along! Have a lovely week, love Linda x

  15. I love your little toadstool brooch. It's so cute and there's something really appealing about the red and white together. x

  16. Hope you and your family are all feeling better!
    That little toadstool is adorable. And this crochet along intrigues me, but I'm still in the throws of harvest season, My hooks or needles usually don't come out 'till … oh … wait … it *is* October!

  17. It's coming to that time of year when there's lots of virus' and colds going around, isn't it? Hope you're all better soon. I like your little toadstool, very cute!


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