Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Rocky Raccoon

Hello to you.
How's your week been so far?
Mine has been fairly busy.
Volunteering at the shop and helping my Grannie after her fall (she's ok though, just taking time to rehabilitate) She broke her leg and shoulder.
I've had some "me" time too...
I picked up a Mollie makes magazine, second hand, and I enjoyed making the cover woodland friends.

If I bought all the magazines I enjoyed new, I'd be permanently skint! But I do like to look out for second hand copies. 

Here they are! Their new home is in my partner's study.

Rocky was definitely my favourite.

I spent some time yesterday wondering around the garden with my camera. It was lovely to have ten minutes to myself. I found it very relaxing.

I wasn't totally alone. Poppy was prettifying herself in the wood shed.

Not sure what this is. It came from my Mum's garden. We like to share plants.

Cyclamen - pretty in purple.

The bees are still busy buzzing around.


The September garden still has some colour in places...

The fennel must be 7ft plus now - it's grown amazingly this year.

These bees appeared to be drunk on pollen!

Verbena - usually a butterfly magnet, but they seem to have gone now.   

Green tomatoes. Come on, go red!

Hover fly enjoying an artichoke flower.

Coming in to land.

What a vivid purple.

Cosmos is one of my favourite annuals.

They're very pretty in pink.

Sweet corn.

Marsh mallow.

Here is the fennel again, towering high.
Hope you're all enjoying a nice week?
Tomorrow I plan to catch up with some jobs around the house and then maybe get an hour or so on my sewing machine.
I'm off to a music festival this weekend and we are likely to have an autumn storm - so I'm packing my wellies!
Thank you for your lovely comments on the last post. It took a lot to put myself out there, but I'm glad I did.


  1. I love your woodland makes, they look so sweet.

    Your flowers are so pretty too and I hope your granny feels better soon.

    Enjoy the music festival.

  2. Sounds like your Granny has been having a tough time and I wish her a speedy recovery. Have a good time at the music festival - hope you don't need the wellies.
    S xx

  3. I love your woodland friends! They're so cute. Very clever of you to buy the magazines second-hand and use your own materials with the patterns. I would do the same thing. It would save money, for sure. Your flowers are all very pretty. I hope your granny is all better soon!

  4. Your garden is so pretty - and we have some of the same herbs, my fennel is towering sky high, too! Love your little woodland friends, so cute! Chrissie x

  5. Your garden is looking gorgeous, I love Mollie Makes magazine, but only tend to buy it now and then as a treat, wishing your Granny a speedy recover and have a fun at the music festival.
    Clare x

  6. Hello FB - so sorry to hear of your Granny's predicament and hope she soon is back to her old self!
    Your flowers are still looking good - great variety of blooms, and such a lovely place for Poppy to relax in - good shot with her healthy pink tongue - you did well to get that!
    I love Rocky and his friend - you made a great job of them - too cute!
    I hope you have a fab time at the music festival and especially hope that the weather stays fine for it - and you!
    Joy xo

    1. Hello Joy
      Thank you for the well wishes. The weather just about held up for us, we had a great time. Now I better get over to your blog to see what you've been up to! :) xx

    2. Oh FB, are you unwell at the moment? I just saw a comment you left on Chrissie's post so thought I'd better check up on you! I do hope you are soon recovered and I'm sending you lots of love and healing energy. Joy xo

    3. Thoughtful as always Joy :)
      I'm ok just a cold that seems to have hit me hard. Thank you for checking in. I'm hoping to do a post this weekend. My head won't let me look at the computer screen for too long. Thank you again xx

  7. Get well soon to your gran. Love the little animal figurines! Xx

  8. Your little woodland friends are adorable! I love the picture you took of them on top of the magazine cover.
    I hope your granny feels better soon!

  9. Such a good idea to buy magazines second hand if you can - I used to have a subscription to Mollie Makes but when it finished there was no was I was going to hnd over £5 each month for a copy. I buy it every 3 or 4 months now. Your woodland creatures are adorable. I made those two over the summer and they were such a nice little project, and my kids love playing with them. x

  10. The plushies are adorable! I just love when I have some spare time to make something for myself too. It is a perfect way to relax. Your flowers are still so pretty. I only have a couple of bloom left in my garden.

  11. My local yarn shop has 2nd hand copies of craft magazines for a £1 donation to charity which I think is a fab idea! I am very loathe to pay full price for craft mags as they are so expensive. Love your little woodland animals! They are just lovely.
    Marianne x

  12. Your garden pictures are lovely. Where do you buy your your second hand magazines?
    Craft magazines are expensive I only get them as a treat. x

  13. Your poor Grannie! I hope for a fast recovery!!! The raccoon and fox are just adorable!!! The garden is beautiful and wonderful to explore along with the help of Poppy!


  14. Oh and felty critters are cute! I loved the first picture. Very clever! :)

  15. So sorry to hear about your Granny hope she makes a good recovery. Your garden is looking so lovely, there looks so m uch in it to still enjoy.
    Sarah x


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