Thursday, 25 July 2013

Saltburn-by-the-Sea Yarn bombing

Hello to you.
Hope you're all well?
I've been away over the last few days, we went up to North Yorkshire to visit my Grandad.
It's a long journey but thankfully my daughter was quiet all the way there and back...
We had to check on her a few times as we thought she was asleep!
Now...have you heard of yarn bombing?
Well, I hadn't until recently. Basically in this case it's a bunch of mystery knitters and crocheters who decorate public areas with wonderful work. On a recent Google image search I came across the yarn bombings in Saltburn-by-the-sea and knowing it was 10mins up the coast from my Grandads we all had to have a look-see...
They truly have done an amazing job! In this case they had yarn bombed the pier with a costal theme.
Not only was the work beautiful but it was full of great ideas too!


I'm definitely going to give this jelly fish a go!



I loved these donkeys...check out the names!

Surfing in the background.

Got to have fish and chips at the seaside.



So cute!


 I hope you'll agree some truly amazing work. I got a little snap happy but hope you enjoyed browsing through.
Have any of you ever yarn bombed?
I'm very tempted to give it a go.
Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the last post.





  1. Great idea, love those fish and chips.

  2. The weather looked a little dreary but those wonderful creations would certainly brighten up any sort of day. Amazing creativity. I saw some yarn bombing here in Australia but it was just blankets wrapped around some tree trunks and didn't make much sense or create a sense of fun. I hadn't heard of yarn bombing at the time and I and those with me just thought it looked a stupid thing to do. Wasting a lovely crocheted granny square blanket on a tree where it would get wet. Your pier was much more interesting. Glad you had a lovely day. I love Yorkshire. Harrogate/Scarborough girl once upon a time.

  3. Oh, they're gorgeous! How clever of the knitters to think of all these!
    Thank you for the photos.

  4. That is fantastic work isn't it FB - so very imaginative and clever - thank you so much for sharing it, I feel like I've been to the coast with you! I love the donkeys and the jellyfish especially!
    I'm so pleased you got to visit your Grandad, and it's so unusual to hear of a young girl being so quiet on a journey: I hope she is well!
    I've been waiting to see your redwork cards but all is explained - you've had a few lovely days off - glad to hear it!
    Happy times to you and yours!
    Joy xo

    1. Hi Joy,
      Brilliant isn't it I really enjoyed looking at it all. I know it was unusual her being quiet she isn't usually!
      I've not started the red work yet but will try and start something this week, it's all go with my daughter being home full time!
      Hope your well.

  5. That's really cool! Yarn-bombing has become very popular where I live. I really enjoy seeing it. Some older kids at my son's school did a bunch of yarn-bombing in the school's courtyard this spring, which was really fun.

  6. Those were great :)
    It is always fun to see what people can come up with :)

  7. Great creations for yarn bombing!!

  8. That looks rather fab :)

    I know our local trendy WI are planning a yarnbombing project for somewhere nearby this summer ;)

  9. Wow that looks brilliant! What a lot of thought and time they must have put into it - would have been good fun to do I'm sure. Great photos :-) x

  10. Niiin huippuhienoja töitä!!!! Loistava idea!!!!

  11. Oh my. I must go see this, looks great. we could do with a bit of this in shropshire x

  12. Oh how fun to come across something like this! There is some beautiful work there - thanks for sharing.


  13. I did some yarnbombing last month and it was great fun! Highly recommend it. I love the Saltburn creations they are so detailed. I wonder if there will be one to celebrate the royal baby?

  14. I only heard of yarn bombing fairly recently too. I love the photos of the Saltburn yarn bombing! Some amazing things there, so creative. I love the fish and chips!
    M x

  15. OMG, what a fantastic yarn bomb theme - it puts my efforts to shame! I really must try to visit, I hope it will stay??? ... going to see their facebook page now! Thanks for sharing :)
    Em xx

  16. Wow that is impressive. I love all the detail and I'm sure lots of love and attention that went into making it and installing it. I love the names of the donkeys. too cute.

  17. Wow I loved seeing these pictures....some of the seaside makes are really amazing!
    Helen x

  18. Wonderful yarn bombing, I love it! I have yarn bombed in my town and it was so exciting to do, I'm planning another sometime soon. Give it a whirl, it's such a thrill xox Penny

  19. Fabulous!!! What a wonderful sight!!! I even seen some yarn bombing here in Alicante its worldwide now I think.I love the shrimps. Blimey but people can be so creative!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  20. This is such a great idea, so many clever people out there!

  21. I've just discovered your blog through meme rose. I love the yarn bombing ... The octopi are so sweet and the little cottages are gorgeous. Will definitely be popping along to visit you in the future. Emma


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