Monday, 8 July 2013

Happy-pea day

Hello to you.
Hope you're all well?
North Wales, I am happy to report, is in the midst of a heat wave!
I've been busy with one thing and another since my mid-week post.
Still had a little hooky time.
I've been making these simple purses for my craft sale.

They're quick and easy.
Inspired by this month's issue of simply crochet, I've gone a little flower mad!
Some more lovely flower bunting (much more professional than mine)
Already made two strings of bunting.

On the weekend I enjoyed some Daddy-Daughter time.
I relaxed by the river while Dad did some fishing.
The river was so still and quiet it really was lovely to spend time there.

Here are some photos from my garden this week...
Cheeky Mullein Moth caterpillar.
Mini harvest Rhubarb, Black Currents and Radishes. 

The aroma from the Night Scented Stock is intoxicating for such a small flower.
Hope you're enjoying a sunny week too.


  1. Lovely sunshine colours for your crochet! And I love the garden harvest! Chrissie x

  2. Your bunting is so sweet. Enjoy the sun and warmth!

  3. The crochet purses and the flower bunting are just gorgeous!!
    Enjoy your garden harvest :)

  4. Hi. snap on the weather front!! Lovely bunting. I also have that issue of simply crochet, the flowers are so addictive. x

  5. Hi FB, your crochet is looking great - sweet little purses and bunting - doesn't bunting bring about beautiful transformations wherever it's hung! I'm glad to see you've got into Simply Crochet and obviously enjoying it - I keep going back and finding new things to suit the mood at various times.
    Your garden is doing well and that caterpillar is so attractive - colour ideas for crochet?
    How absolutely lovely that you could spend 'time-out' with your Dad - how was his catch?
    I hope your week is going well - do enjoy it, and the sunshine!
    Joy xo

    1. Hi Joy,
      Yes I love bunting always very cheerie :)
      I thought I'd give simply crochet a go and loved every page lots of fab ideas in there and there not too complicated.
      That's what I thought! About the caterpillar it is a great natural colour combination.
      Yes, I always enjoy having time with my dad. His catch wasn't bad thanks he caught a fair few and put back in the river :)
      Hope that you had a lovely weekend and are enjoying your week xx

  6. PS How was sports day for your little girl? x

    1. Hello Joy :) sports day is on Friday set to have good weather too :)x

  7. What a lovely garden, and your purses. It's always a great pleasure to come here and read your blog.

  8. You're going to have a lovely selection for your craft sale your purses and bunting are gorgeous! It is great when you begin collecting your harvest from the garden - enjoy! x

  9. Those are super cute little bags. You did a great job on your bunting. Isn't Simply Crochet a superb magazine?

  10. Lovely to be able to spend time with your Dad :) You have some lovely photos again this week! Thank you for sharing them :) Rhondda

  11. Lovely simple pleasures. The little purses are sweet. I've wanted to make bunting for a while but haven't been doing much crochet lately. Enjoy the rest of your week. Tammy

  12. I love all those crochet flowers, so pretty. It must have been fun spending some quality time with your Dad and in a beautiful and peaceful location. The reflection of the church in the water is stunning.
    Sarah x

  13. Gorgeous pictures, am loving the flowery bunting ~ Sarah x

  14. I love your little crochet purses, they are so sweet and colourful. Love the beautiful summery countryside photos too. Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  15. Those little crochet flowers are going to look amazing as bunting! Love the colours you've used too. And your photography puts mine to shame :-) x

  16. Happy heat wave! We just had a really rough one last week through the weekend! That fishing location looks so relaxing. I love the photo with the reflection in the water. Very cool! That caterpiller has such amazing color.

  17. Oh blimey - that moth caterpillar is amazing and I love the reflection in the river.

    A perfect way to relax.

    Nina x

  18. I really enjoyed your post. Pretty crochet, flowers, vegetable harvest, nature and a castle! My country (US) is too young to have such amazing structures (although I'd rather live in a log cabin in the woods than in my apartment. With a lake or slow stream for fishing!). Bunting is new to me. We don't have that here, except at Christmas when it's referred to as 'garland'. I love seeing treasured places and crochet work in posts from people across the pond. Thank you for sharing your lovely day with us.

  19. What a lovely happy sunny post! I love your crochet purses and the pretty flowers you have been making, so lovely. Hope you continue to enjoy this beautiful weather!
    Marianne x

  20. That mini-harvest from your garden is impressive, I must say! Better than my haul so far. That moth caterpillar is amazing. I hope the warm weather stays for you. x


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