Tuesday, 1 July 2014


It's lovely to be back, I have finally replaced the broken laptop with a new typing friend.
It's taking a while to get used to but I'm sure I'll will get the hang of it soon.
I've tried my best to keep up with you all and have seen some lovely posts.
So after laptop gate I have been mostly wedding planning and doing the never ending jobs an old cottage throws at you.
I have had sometime for crochet too...

This my latest cushion made from the pattern in simply crochet issue eighteen with style craft Aran. I really enjoyed swapping between the different stitches, I even did my first bobble stitch. The original cushion in the magazine is multi coloured and looks fab, mine is toned down a bit so I can use it in my sitting room.
Here are some cheery mandalas.
A kitty travel cushion! I used the pattern from simply crochet issue twenty (the latest)
He took up a lot of double crochets but worth it in the end and is so snuggly.
Cant wait to take him on his first car journey up to north Yorkshire to visit my Grandad.
Here are a few photos from the garden.
1, Cinnabar moth
2,  Californian poppy
3, Perennial foxgloves
4, Calendula
5, A very full flower bed!
6, Celebration Rose
7, Pink peony
8, Rose hedge in bloom
9, Giant Allium
Has anyone else's children/grandchildren been sucked into the latest craze of loom bands?
My daughter loves them,
 I think there great, lovely to see her being creative. The possibilities are endless with what you can make. We think a strawberry key ring might be our next project
 My hoover isn't thanking me for all the strays she leaves behind!
I will leave you with my pretty tea cup that a picked up a few weeks back and some garden roses.
Wishing you a lovely end to the week.
**My lovely friend and neighbour has just started her blogging adventure,
 so if you have a spare min pop over and have a look-see**


  1. Welcome back! Ah I wondered why I kept seeing coloured bands everywhere I can't keep up with these new things hehe. I too have been wedding planning it's exciting looking at wedding magazines and venues. Good to see you back! x

    1. I like a flick through a wedding magazine too. I've found the mollie makes ones really useful for ideas. It's lovely to be back. Have a great end to the week x

  2. Some lovely makes, my nephew is also in to loom bands he makes them without the loom cutting off his circulation, he made a really long one the other day and I was thinking now that would be perfect for hanging some crochet on and making a garland
    Welcome back
    Clare xx

    1. My daughter seems to prefer to use her hands rather than the loom. Yes that is a good idea using them as a chain...might just try it x

  3. Wow, I don't know how you manage to crochet so fast!!!!! I am very impressed with your speed and the results which are lovely! Glad to have you back again. xx

    1. Haha thanks Amy it's not really that fast, it's just I have had a lot to show at once. Wishing you a lovely week x

  4. It's so good to have you back FB and to see your lovely makes; I'm loving your cushion and mandalas - the cushion is very classy - and your kitty cushion, my goodness, I love it! Enjoy your visit with Grandad and watch out, he may want that kitty to cuddle!
    How lovely that your daughter is being creative too, taking after her clever Mum, and hey, I love your new cup and saucer as well as all your garden shots. A very lovely post all in all, and thank you for sharing it with us. Now back to wedding planning, getting closer and closer, exciting times! xoJoy

    1. Hello,
      You still remember me then haha. I know will have to watch my Grandad but he is more of a dog person so maybe I will get away with it.
      Aw your so kind my daughter really does enjoy making her bracelets. I know it will be here before I know it I'm bordering on stressed so will have to do plenty of crochet to keep me relaxed.

  5. Yay! Welcome back :-) Looks like you've been a busy bee with all that crocheting! I love the cat travel pillow - genius! xx

    Hips Like Cinderella

  6. Truly beautiful makes. I love the cushion. Time is flying by, not long to your wedding and only 5 months until my daughter gets married.

    1. Lots of exciting times ahead! I hope your daughter has a wonderful wedding and you enjoy a lovely day.

  7. Beautiful cushions and mandalas !!!!
    The flowers are lovely and the bracelet colorful !!!!
    Have a shinny day !

  8. Hi FB! You've been hard at work. Have you had your wedding yet? My kids love loom bands too. They're all the rage everywhere, I see. I hope you're doing well, it's lovely to see an update.

    1. Wedding is at the beginning of August so not long to go now. Thank you for dropping by.

  9. Your cushion is gorgeous. I've had my eye on that pattern but haven't got any further than that!
    Have a lovely rest off week
    Tracey xxx

    1. Thank you so much Tracey. You have a lovely rest of the week too x

  10. Lovely cushions and mandalas! Your flowers are so colourful, and the loom bands are too :) Glad your computer is fixed, and good luck with your wedding plans.
    Have a happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  11. I love the cat travel cushion, it's fantastic. My daughter loves loom bands too!
    Marianne x


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