Saturday, 7 June 2014

Post 100 gone but not forgotten


This week we have been remembering the brave people who fought for us at the D day landings. 

My computer is still playing up and would have loved to have made more of an effort for my 100th post but unfortunately it's just a quick phone one again. 
Thank you so much to my followers and readers who've been no end of support and inspiration to me. 

This week I have been hooking up some flower bunting for my wedding. Less than 2 months to go now. 
I love how quickly they fly off my hook. 

Hoping you've all had a lovely weekend so far. 

FB xx


  1. You are amazing if you can do this from your phone!

  2. What gorgeous bunting-it will look fabulous at your wedding! Alison xx

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post lovely FB and for sharing so many lovely projects, views, news, etc. over that time. Your bunting is looking fab - won't be long now! How exciting!
    I marvel at you posting from your phone - I lose patience even trying to type emails from my iPad - well done you, and I hope those computer problems are soon fixed! Love, Joy xo

  4. That's so pretty, you wedding is going to be beautiful with all this handmade loveliness! Sarah xo

  5. Congratulations for your 100th post !!!
    Your little flowers are lovely...
    Have a great Sunday !

  6. Wow these are going to look amazing at your wedding. Im quite excited for you ♡

  7. Congratulations! I love the flowers, they look really pretty.

  8. Hi. I remember making these. They one of the first things I shared on Google+. It is now hanging in the studio. Hope your wedding plans are going well x

  9. Your flowers are so lovely!! They will make a beautiful and personal touch at your wedding. Congratulations on your 100th post as well! xx


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