Sunday, 6 July 2014

Crochet Granny Square Arm Caps and Summer Garden Lovin

Hello to you.
Well I'm back again.
It's very exciting having a new toy to type on.
I've been busy sewing up simple bunting (will show another time) for the wedding and organising my collection of vintage table cloths and mats ready for decorating the marquee. The wedding is getting scarily close now, I think we have about a month to go.
I have my crochet arm caps to show you...

I wanted something to protect the sofa from scratching kitties and my daughters habit of getting chocolate everywhere.
I was really pleased how they stood out on the red sofa.

I have also had a little trial run of making up garden flower arrangements in recycled jars, this is what I'd like at our wedding. I was pleased with the out come. Keeping my fingers crossed that the flowers will stay out for me!
Below a quick peep at what's about in my garden this week...
1, Pink rose (not sure of name)
2, Verbena
3, White old rose
4, Hydrangea
5, Nasturtiums
6, That pink rose again!
7, Magenta  Lychnis coronaria
8, Feverfew
9, Hydrangea Annabelle
 We've had a little bit of rain this week not too much, just enough to get the garden flourishing.
In my kitchen table tea cup this week I have...
It was supposed to be just the hydrangea but I broke a lily head off my bunch while trying to get it out of the packaging so it's found a home there too.
Just a quick thank you to my new followers lovely to have you here with me.
A massive thank you too to the lovely bloggy ladies who went over to visit my lovely friend and neighbour at her crochet cottage
Off to get the school uniform ready, have a lovely week.


  1. Lovely arm caps-perfect for scratching kitties and choccy fingers! Your teacup flowers are gorgeous, lovely idea for those blooms which drop off before they should.your wedding planning is coming on well, should be lovely. Have a happy week, Alison xx

    1. Thank you Alison really enjoyed your post about Laura Ashley fabric. Have a happy week too x

  2. With so much planning and preparation everything will be wonderful FB!
    You've done a lovely job with your arm caps and the colours are beautiful - just right I'd say, and such a good idea too.
    Your garden must be looking fantastic with all those lovely blooms and surely it will bless you with more fresh and lovelies for your wedding 'jars'.
    Have a relaxing week and enjoy some sunshine, lovely. xoJoy

    1. Hello Joy
      I really hope everything will be wonderful. I've had a lot of help too so that's always a weight off.
      Wishing you a relaxing week too.

  3. Beautiful flowers, dear friend, and your arm caps are simply lovely! I wish I could make some for me :)

    Have a great week! Hugs

    1. Thank you Stephanie.
      Sure you could make some. You always make such lovely things.
      Have a lovely week too x

  4. Such a wonderful idea the arm caps, simple but effective I love them. Wow, doesn't time fly your wedding is really close. The floral arrangements look delightful fingers crossed you will be blessed with enough. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you very much.
      I know the time does fly and is flying by so quickly!
      Thank you for keeping your fingers crossed I appreciate it.

  5. oh! my!!!! a wedding how wonderful!!!! It such a great time of the year for weddings!! Exciting!! This reminds me I really need to do something to cover the arms on my sofa too they are getting so scruffy. Crochet is so versatile and practical of the big reasons I love crochet :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx

    1. Hello Amanda
      Yes that is one of reasons I love crochet too! x

  6. Your crochet arm cap is pefect !!! And your flowers beautiful !!!!
    Have a great week !

  7. I wish you all the best with the planning. It's getting very close now! The arm cap is really nice, what a great idea.

  8. You must be getting very excited about your wedding now! It sounds as though your preparations are going well. I love the little flower arrangements, and I am sure that they will make everything look beautiful and that your guests will love them too! xx

    1. Hello Amy
      Excited and nervous!
      Thank you so much, have a lovely week x

  9. Im loving how your putting your own personal stamp on your wedding by making all the decorations x

    1. Thank you. I've not made everything.. I've had some help from some lovely people too. Have a great week x


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