Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Here we are in December.
The calendar is filling up with mostly my daughters things to do.
It's the time of year when my head feels like its constantly juggling things to remember.
I think I will let out a little sigh of relief when my daughter breaks up for Christmas and I get her to myself again.
I've been making little Christmas bits here and there.
I'm very pleased with my puddings, you may have spied them on the blog banner.
I made them without a pattern, its one of the first things I have made without a pattern that has worked. I used old faithful style craft and topped it off with green felt, red pom poms and bakers twine.
Will be back again soon with some more makes...need to get my camera out.


  1. That's a lovely Christmas banner for your blog x

  2. It looks great and I am very impressed that you made it yourself!! xx

  3. Hello at last lovely FB! Sorry I've been so tardy but now catching up and loving your makes! You did a great job with your pudd and I'm sure your Granda will be thrilled with his Christmas gift. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about you - a gentle reminder that I've been a bit distant xo Take good care of yourself and your loved ones Joy xoxo

    1. Hello stranger!
      I hope you are well.
      Lovely to see you back in blog land.
      Sometimes we are all distant, well I know I am.

  4. What a sweet pudding you made, it looks so nice and and Christmassy ( if that's a word...)! Lots of love from Mirjam.

  5. Such a cute wee pudding! I love Christmas crafting.
    Marianne x

  6. Really cute !!!!
    Have a great day !

  7. Hi there! I love your new banner and background! :)
    the Xmas pud looks great, well done for working out your own pattern!
    Enjoy your crocheting!
    Ingrid xx

  8. Lovely crochet. These are fun times to experience with your daughter, time moves quickly, enjoy.

  9. Gorgeous, I'm going to attempt to crochet Christmas pudding style chocolate orange holders this Christmas! x

  10. Such a gorgeous little pudding! Love your festive banner too.
    Helen xox

  11. Such a cute pudding! I can imagine the last few weeks of school are rather manic...

  12. Those little Christmas puddings are adorable. I love a bit of Christmas crafting! x

  13. I absolutely love your crochet Christmas puddings! Very well done without a pattern as well. They are so cute! Hope you are enjoying all the run-up to Christmas, crafting's my favourite part of the whole thing xx


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