Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Rainy Days...

I hope I find you well and wonderful?

I thought I would show you these cute little socks I've been hooking up.
You can find the pattern here if you have time have a look-see around this blog there are lots of lovely things to make and see.
I've used the basic pattern from the link, I used all one colour, style craft lipstick (the ones on the link are multi coloured and fab)
I added a little decoration to each one to make them all different.
I've used teeny tiny pegs to hang my socks.
There really cute with the red and white bakers twine.
I've nearly finished my last five that will be going to live with my sister in law.
I've recently made a baby blanket in wool.
I'm such a fan of style craft, but I must admit working in a lovely soft wool was a welcome change. I really loved the look of it too after it was all blocked.
I used drops lima which is a bargain at the moment!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the last post.
Now I'm off to catch up with what you've all been up to.


  1. Those little socks are stunning, I loved the different embellishments on them.

  2. Hi! How cute, these socks are adorable!!! <3
    Especially in red and white!!
    And I love your baby blanket, any chance of posting more details/photos?
    How large did you make it?
    Such pretty colours! :)
    Ingrid xx

    1. Hello Ingrid, I haven't got anymore photos of the blanket at the moment. It's gone to be sold in a shop if it doesn't sell I will photograph it again. It's push chair sized about 1 metre wide 1.5 metre long approx.
      Thank you for your kind comment xx

  3. How gorgeous are those little socks, they will make fab decorations. I will have to give them a try.

  4. The blanket is lovely but the little socks are adorables !!!! Love them !!!!
    Have a great day !

  5. Love your Christmas stockings and blanket.
    Fabulous new colour on your blog page too and your bambi ornament is cute.

  6. Such lovely projects, I love how you embellished the stockings.

  7. The stockings are so cute! I have added them to my Xmas make list thanks for sharing :) The blanket looks lovely too, I know what you mean about using different yarns every now and again, I'm using some wool for some wristwarmers and it is a nice change :)

  8. Those little red socks are adorable, they'll make a beautiful Christmas garland. And I like the blanket very much. Whenever I work with cashmerino I remember how much I love it and wish I could work with it all the's just a bit pricey though! x

  9. The stocking are super cute and I love the colours you picked for the blanket.
    Clare xx

  10. The socks are so cute, and I really like the colours of your blanket too! xx

  11. What a funny coincedent, I also used Drops Lima for the first time to make a scarf!
    It's a little bit prickly, don't you think? But I am also a Stylecraft fan ;-)...
    Those little stockings are soooo cute, just perfect for Christmas!
    Have a great weekend, hugs from Mirjam.

  12. so cute ! the blanket looks great ! Have a lovely sunday !

  13. The little socks are adorable and I love the little pegs! Your new wool blanket looks so soft and cosy. Happy weekend!
    Helen xox


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