Thursday, 30 January 2014

CAL Spring Flowers and Lurgy!

Hello to you.
By heck is it Thursday again already? Really? Where does the time go?
The up-side of time passing by quickly is that January is nearly over... hooray!
Soon, it will be February when I have six Birthdays to make and buy for... Oh well, it will keep me busy I'm sure.
I'm crocheting along again this week with lovely Marianne and Chrissie 

Chrissie Crafts

I've finished my patch work bag hooray!
I went off on my own once I'd got the jist of the pattern.
I lined the bag with some vintage fabric I had from a charity shop.
I'm very pleased with how it's turned out. I haven't taken it out on an outing yet but will do soon!

Also this week I have been hooking away on a scarf and come to the end of that...
This was a lovely project, made in Stylecraft pomegranate for the main part. The squares are made from Stylecraft special DK yarn, also aspen, pale rose and turquoise.

Thought I'd show you what it looks like on my dummy!

You may ask the reason, why I am not modelling the scarf? Well, I have the lurgy so I'm far too pale and coughy to put my face anywhere at the moment. I hope it clears away soon - the housework is mounting up as I type...!
I've been lucky enough to fill my house with beautiful spring flowers thanks to my partner, myself and a friend  It's been a good flower week. The tulips on the kitchen table have just got to that twisty bendy stage - I love it when they do that!

Hope you're all well and keeping germ free?
Have a lovely end to the week and weekend.


  1. Sorry to hear you have been poorly, the bag looks amazing, and the scarf is so pretty, lovely fresh colours
    Clare x

  2. Both projects are just gorgeous! Love the bag and how you have lined it also, fab scarf in yummy colours. Hope you feel better really soon.
    Marianne x

  3. I love that bag FB - and rather fancy one myself! I really like how it has some body to it and looks like it will hold its shape - well done! And well done too on the lovely scarf - isn't that pomegranate a lovely colour - but it reminds me that I still have my ripple blanket waiting to be finished, oh dear!!! How wonderful your flowers - they always bring their own sunshine, which is what you need a good dose of for you're taking on too many nasty lurgies these days; I do hope you soon recover - even if only to keep up with the never-ending household chores, haha!!! Sounds like you have a very busy month coming up - enjoy it and I'll be looking forward to seeing what those clever hands of yours create for gifts! Happy days to you and yours, Love, Joy xo

    1. I think you should make one for yourself! Yes I like the pomegranate is a lovely bright colour. I know I dont usually catch any bugs but recently seem to be getting lots.
      Hope your well and have been enjoying a good week so far xx

  4. What lovely work. The bag is brilliant and the scarf just looks full of cosiness. The housework will always be there so just look after yourself properly till the lurgy goes.

  5. I love the new bag! and I love the new font you are using! and your blog looks fabulous!! Hope you feel better soon - we are just recovering from 2 flus in a row - hoping that is all of them for this year!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by at my blog! Love the bag - I am busy working on one of those too! I just need to do the straps (the part I hate most!!) Love your scarf too - those colours are brilliant together!

  7. I love your granny square bag! Your colour combos are great on your bag and scarf too! Sorry to hear you are poorly again, hope you pick up soon! :-) x

  8. Hi. I love your bag and the colours of your scarf are gorgeous. I hopw you feel better soon ★

  9. Hi. I love your bag and the colours you chose for your scarf are gorgeous. I hope you feel better soon ★

  10. Sorry that you have the lurgy, I hope that you are better soon. Your bag looks lovely, and I am sure that you will love using it - or just looking at it!! Your scarf is great too, they will make a nice combo when you are out and about again. Take care and hope that you have a good weekend. xx

  11. Your crochet projects are beautiful, I'm always impressed how well style craft Dk crotchets up for such an inexpensive yarn. I am a recent convert and all of my new grey projects have been made in style craft. Hope you feel better soon - your lovely spring flowers will help lift your spirits.
    Take care Sue x

  12. Congratulations on finishing the bag! It is a beauty, I love the colours and the lining fabric. And the scarf - the colours! They look fantastic! I would love to try that combo one day, step away from taupe...thanks for linking up, and please take care of yourself and feel better soon! Chrissie x

  13. The bag is stunning, the colours and the lining fabric are beautiful. I love vintage material.

  14. Sorry to hear you had the lurgy. You have been busy on your lovely creative projects surrounded by those wonderful flowers! Sarah x

  15. Beautiful crochet makes, I love your bag, your snuggly scarf looks gorgeous especially the colours.

  16. Your scarf and bag look fantastic! I wish I wad as productive! Everything seems too move so slowly in my little world. Hope you get better soon.

  17. Oh what a lovely post full of lovely things. I seriously love that bag very well done. The scarf is definitely gorgeous and has inspired me. I love flowers I do like them at home too.
    Hope everything's ok with you, have a lovely weekend!!

    Lluisa x

  18. Your bag and scarf look beautiful! I hope you're feeling better by now. Take care and having a good week.

  19. That scarf if really nice. I like the colour very much. The bag looks great, especially the lining. I bet that makes all the difference. I love all your flowers, it's so nice to have daffs and tulips in the house at this time of year. x

  20. Your work is absolutely beautiful, wow! :) I wish I had your patience and talent! Everything looks perfect, and the colors are gorgeous!!!

    I found your blog through another mommy blogger! :) You made a new "follower". Please feel free to follow me back, I love making new blogger buddies. I look forward to checking out more posts of yours! :)

  21. Gosh you have been busy finishing things - am always in awe when people manage to finish projects! Love the bright colours of the bag, it's so cheerful, and the scarf is gorgeous with the colourful trim.
    Lovely spring flowers, I hope they are cheering you whilst you are unwell, and hope you feel better soon.
    Gill xx


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