Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Christmas Crafts and Crocheting Along

Hello to you.
Hope you're all well and wonderful?
I can't believe it's Thursday again! Where does the time go?
This week saw the temperature drop so quickly that we endured our first frost of winter.
It certainly is noticeably colder here. So time to light the fire and put on the woolly socks.
Also this week, my partner and I are going to the registry office to do all the official bits that come with getting married, starting to feel real now!
My Christmas craft sale is approaching so I've been making bits and pieces here and there when I can find five minutes.
What do you think?
I really enjoy working with felt, a little crochet star has snuck in too!
I recycled some old pillow cases and turned them into present sacks with a cute Father Christmas face on it.
Here they all are together.
Only lots more to make!
Here's my ripple stitch chair runner - not got very far with it yet. I've never tried a ripple stitch before so slowly getting used to it. I have memorized the pattern now so that's half the battle.
I'm joining in again with Chrissie and Marianne.
with their CAL.
Looking forward to looking through the other projects going on.
Chrissie Crafts
I'll leave you now with some photos from my garden.
Everything is dying back now but some little fighters are still blooming.
1, Cyclamen
2, Viburnum
3, An annual from a butterfly mix
4, Sedum
I hope you all enjoy a warm and cosy weekend.
Thank you for your lovely comments on the last post - really kind and positive as always.


  1. Very nice! Love your ornaments! ♥

  2. I love all of your felt creations and the chair runner is looking very bright and beautiful. Have fun with the wedding preparations. I remember the day we went to get our marriage license, it was a few weeks before the wedding but suddenly it all seemed very real!

  3. What a festive, colourful post! I absolutely love your felt decorations and Santa bags - so cute! I'm sure they will prove very popular indeed! The ripples are bright and cheery and so neat - I wouldn't have guessed it's your first ripple project! Chrissie x

  4. i love your little felt decorations, the gingerbread man is soo sweet, I have some to make that came as a free gift on a magazine. Loving the Ripples, I started making a ripple blanket recently, but finding it hard to remember the pattern.
    Clare x

  5. I really like the felt decorations, lovely. The ripple blanket is looking nice too.

    Lluisa x

  6. Your little Christmas decorations are so sweet, I especially love the wee gingerbread man. Love the look of that ripple too, lovely bright colours.
    Marianne xx

  7. All of your decorations are so pretty, I hope that you do really well at your sale! Congratulations on the wedding preparations, I remember when we went for our Registry Office appointment, I was so nervous about doing it all properly! Looking forward to hearing all about the big day in due course. xx

  8. Oh what lovely makes FB and how busy you've been! Your little gingerbread man is tooooo sweet and the toadstool house is magic, AND lovely sacks to put gifts in - such fun you've been having with fantastic results! Enjoy your rippling, it's coming along and looking lovely and bright and reminds me that I haven't done anything on my 'round the rainbow ripple' for ages; I think it'll be staying that way until after Christmas now! It's nice that you still have a few little sweet blooms in the garden but I guess the frost will finish them off sadly! I'll send you some of mine to cheer you along!
    Isn't it wonderful that you are really into wedding plans now, such an exciting and happy time for you and partner - and family too of course!
    Wishing you the best as always, with warm hugs, Joy xo

    1. Thank you Joy.
      So glad you like the felt makes.
      Not the colours I would have chosen for the ripple chair runner but my partner picked them and likes them so that's the main thing. I know the last blooms will be gone soon looking forward to seeing more cheery photos from you.
      Yes I can start enjoying the wedding plans, now all the legalities are sorted.
      Hope you've had a lovely weekend xx

  9. Your items are adorable and I am sure they will sell quickly :) I, too, love to work with felt and there is so much you can make with it. Happy weekend to you! Hugs

  10. First of all I want to tell you congratulations! May you have years and years of marriage happiness!
    Your ornaments are absolutely lovely!
    I hope you have a great weekend,
    Tammy xx

  11. Your Christmas decorations are looking fab! Good for you for going to the fair. Much luck with that. Also congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. I'm sure there is a lot to organize. I wish you and your husband, daughter, cats and hamster, a long and happy life :-)

  12. I love felt too, so fun and easy to work with :) x

  13. I love all your Christmasy makes especially the Santa sack, that is super cute. Beautiful Ripple blanket, I love this pattern, it's so therapeutic and perfect to do through the winter. Have a great weekend. Debx

  14. A huge congrats to you and your partner, excellent news. Love everything you are making.

  15. Loving all your pretty Christmas makes, I am sure you will do well selling those. Your chevron blanket is looking gorgeous too! Thanks for your lovely comment xoxo

  16. You've been busy, love the father Christmas, so clever. Exciting time for you :) xx

  17. I'm sure your decorations will be very popular. Glad you another step closer to the Wedding.
    Sarah x

  18. Loving all the christmas decorations that you have here, and your ripple is looking great too!

    Great news about you and your partner, congratulations :) x

  19. Your felt ornaments are lovely. I really enjoy working with felt too, especially for cosy Christmas decorations. The ripple is looking great, once you memorise the pattern it no longer seems so daunting! Congratulations to you and your partner....enjoy your celebrations!
    Helen x

  20. Good luck with your craft fair - I love your makes, they're bound to sell well. Let us know how you get on XX

  21. Your craft fair makes are just lovely! I think felt is great for decorations, it's so versatile. And keep us posted on the wedding plans! x

  22. I love your Christmas crafts!


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