Thursday, 21 November 2013

CAL week 8 and Keeping Warm

Hello to you.
Hope you're all well and dandy.
Our house was hit by a lurgy earlier in the week causing a few days off school and a few plans changed.
My partner and I received our wedding pack this week, we now have to chose what vows to say and what will be said during the ceremony. All exciting stuff!
On Tuesday we saw our first flutter of snow that was short lived but caused a lot of excitement in our house. It is, however, still frrrreeezzzinnng! Brrrr! Snow or no snow!

I received the latest copy of simply crochet this week.
Full of great Christmassy makes!

I'm still crocheting away on my partner's chair runner. I must admit I'm getting itchy fingers...I may give it rest for a while and have a break. Hmm, we'll see...

This week I've also been crafting away making the finishing touches to my crafty makes for the Christmas sale on the 30th.

1, A beautiful brooch I bought from a local art exhibition, love it!
2, A spotty cushion I made ready for the craft sale.
3, Mr gingerbread.
4, A naughty present for me, bought by me! hehe it was silly how excited I was when it arrived.
I thought I'd leave you with some lovely simple pleasures of the week.
1, A freshly made bed all neat and clean.
2, My flowers I received nearly a month ago for my birthday, amazing how long they've lasted.
Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the last post, they always mean so much.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


  1. Oh how very exciting to be planning your wedding! It is such a special day and planning it is such an exciting part of it. I am loving the look of the new Simply Crochet and must try and get my hands on a copy. Your crochet is beautiful as is that beautifully made bed! Happy hooking xoxo

  2. I absolutely adore the broach. Exciting news about your wedding. Keep warm :) xx

  3. How exciting (and romantic) about the wedding pack! Love the look of the new simply crochet, I may be tempted to buy. Such gorgeous bright colours for the chair runner!
    Marianne x

  4. No snow here but it is very cold. I hope your craft sale goes well next week, that cushion is lovely (I'm a sucker for anything with polka dots on!).
    I'm totally in love with that brooch too. XX

  5. I think that every stitcher would know exactly what it feels like to get really excited by a massive package of new wool. It makes e dizzy just at the thought of it!!

  6. I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick. I hope you're all well again soon. It looks like you've been busy with the crafty stuff, I hope it helped you feel better. :)

  7. Oh gosh FB, these lurgies do get around - I hope you're all fully recovered! How exciting to be getting down to the 'knitty gritty' of wedding plans, such a wonderful time! Pleased to see the chair runner coming along so well - lovely colours for a man; and your other makes - I love the spotty cushion and adore the little gingerbread man, cause he is adorable! Sweet little brooch you treated yourself to and new yarn: now that is sooooo exciting and I'll be watching to see what shape it will take, perhaps another lovely blanket, or lots of smaller things; WOW, enjoy it! Warm hugs, Joy xo

  8. Brrr, it is cold where you are and where I am too. We had snow on the mountains about 2 days ago and since then it has been quite cold at night down to minus 2 Celsius. These are the kind of days that projects like your partner's chair runner and the afghan throw on your bed come in really handy. Keep warm and happy crafting. xx

  9. So pleased I've discovered your blog. The opening picture made me :-)
    Looking forward to reading more x

  10. IT sounds like you have been very busy. Love everything you have made, hope you are all feeling much better.

  11. A post full of happiness and promise, from the planning of the vows to that big bag of yarn! :-) I love your crafty makes! Chrissie x

  12. Such a busy lady :) Your blanket is looking gorgeous, I hope you find the will to keep going with it :D I hope you are all getting better!x

  13. Very exciting with the wedding planning! Hope that you are enjoying it. Good lick also with your sale on the 30th, I hope that it goes really well for you. xx


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