Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Crochet Roses and a Walk Around the Garden

Hello and happy Tuesday.
Hope that I find you all well?
 First things to show you are my wedding shoes!I used one of my favourite patterns from one of my favourite books, cute and easy crochet with flowers.
I really love hooking up these lovely roses.
Being tall I always knew my shoes would have to be flat, so I picked up these white pumps and thought they could do with some crochet related jazzing up!
I used drops cotton light it was a dream to crochet with.
I'm really pleased with the look of them and think they will fit our vintage wedding theme well.
I cant believe we only have 3 months left before the big day.
Here are some photos from our garden.
1, Clematis started flowering this week.
2, Ladybirds appearing.
3,Calendular that has made it through the winter.
4, Wild garlic growing up through the bench.
5, My new bird box.
6, Allium peeping.
7, Strawberry.
8, Drying washing outside hooray!
1, Perenial cornflower.
2, Tulips outside the house.
3, View down the garden.
4, Tulips Angelic
5, Gnome home.
6, Tulip Barcelona.
7, Lilac and a bumble bee.
8, Tulips.
9, Rhubarb.

Finally I will leave you with some photographs from our local woods...
1, My daughter running wild.
2, Stone farm building.
3, Blue Bell woods.
4, Conker Tree.
5, Another one of my little girl.
6, More Blue Bells.
7, Lambs! eek how cute.
8, Fresh leaves.
9, A carpet of Blue Bells.

I hope you've enjoyed my photos. It's always lovely to see the sun and signs that summer is on its way.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend, thank you for sticking with me and leaving me such lovely comments.


  1. It is so lovely to see what is blooming and happening in your part of the world! Your wedding shoes are beautiful!! Great job there for sure! xx

  2. Your wedding shoes are looking lovely FB - what a great idea to crochet roses for them, and you did a beautiful job; the next three months will fly past - how exciting! Lovely pics you've shared, thank you, your daughter is having a good time there! Keep well, love, Joy xo

  3. Your wedding shoes are stunning, my daughter is having ballet pumps with a little crochet flower for the little bridesmaids. I must try and get that book, the roses are just stunning.

  4. Those wedding shoes are gorgeous! My daughter is getting married on May 30th. I will have to make her some roses for her shoes. Thank you for the inspiration. I love all of the beautiful pictures of your corner of the world. I'm so glad I found your lovely blog and I will be following along. Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  5. Your shoes are so pretty, FB. I really love them. You're going to be a beautiful bride.

  6. what a wonderful idea . I bet you cant wait .Your photos look wonderful

  7. Lovely shoes, lovely pictures !!!
    Have a nice day !

  8. Those shoes are so lovely! I bet you're tempted to make some flowers for every pair! Chrissie x

  9. Love the signs of spring and of course your amazing shoes.

  10. What lovely spring photos. and those shoes look amazing for your up coming wedding x

  11. These are lovely photos! It is so picturesque where you live. I think you were very clever to spiff up your flats with a lovely crocheted flower. I'm sure you will look fabulous.

  12. ooo congrats on your forthcoming Wedding! How exciting Your flowery shoes are really sweet :) Hope you have lots more fun with all the planning and the nerves keep at bay :)

  13. Gosh, is it only three months until your wedding? So exciting! I love the way you've personalised your shoes, such a lovely idea. x

  14. I love your pretty shoes, such a special idea! Your garden is looking gorgeous, so much to see, and the woods around you look beautiful.
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox


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