Thursday, 6 March 2014

Stash busting gypsy carvan blanket CAL

Hello to you.
It's been a good week so far - the temperature has risen a little and I haven't seen rain for a few days... Woo hoo!
With the weather set to get better next week spring is certainly in the air.
I've picked up the hook again this week and have decided to take on my biggest project yet, a huge granny square blanket to go on the back of my sofa. It's also helping me do some much needed stash busting.
Oh dear I have let my stash mount up - so many opened left overs.
I've made a start making lovely circular middles and I now have 13 squares made with ends stitched in! I'm quite impressed with the progress so far. All photographed on my new coffee table, it has a very handy shelf underneath for keeping my crochet magazines...
My summer colour blanket is growing slowly...
Here are some signs of spring in my garden.

Look what I found while stash busting - a lovely new ball of matching beige yarn! So it looks like I will be growing my never-ending granny blanket a little further... Lucky I didn't fasten off properly!
I'm secretly happy to be hooking away on this relaxing project again.
Happy crocheting whatever you're making!

Thank you so much for the encouraging comments on the last post.
Until next time, have a lovely weekend. Hopefully you will enjoy signs of spring wherever you are.
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  1. Stunning granny square blanket, the colours are stunning, looking forward to watching it grow.

  2. Lovely and colorful granny blanket !
    Lovely blog too !
    Thanks for your visit !

  3. Love the colours in your crochet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Gorgeous squares and your summer blanket is so bright and cheery! Hope you are having a great week.
    Marianne x

  5. Hello FB - colourful yarn, pretty circles, gorgeous spring/summer blanket, AND another ball of yarn to make the never-ending blanket bigger and bigger - it's amazing what you find when you get in among your stash isn't it! Of course we can't forget your lovely new coffee table and very welcome sight of spring blooms - wonderful! Have a great weekend and hopefully the sun will keep shining for you! Hugs, Joy xo

    1. Hello Joy
      It is amazing...I found a few treasures in my wool trunk very exciting.
      Hope your crochet granny square is going well.
      Hope that you enjoy a lovely weekend. Speak soon xx

  6. Looks like you are busy getting ready for the changing of season. I like you pillow. The colors and pattern is really amazing.

  7. I love the colours of your Gypsy blanket.:) And your summer blanket is very pretty! Wish I had the patience to do a big project :P I started a blanket this week that I have been wanting to do ever since my daughter was born (luckily only 3 years ago), will see if I can succeed to finish! Love your blog!

  8. The blankets are all so beautiful! I really like the black in the gypsy squares, it makes the other colours really stand out :) x

  9. All of your blankets are looking really great! I like the idea of your little granny squares being edged in black, it makes the colours pop nicely when you have a continuous neutral colour surrounding them doesn't it! xx

  10. Love all that you are making, you are inspiring me to get moving on some projects.

  11. Wonderful work , I love finding forgotten yarn in the stash feels like a present to yourself all over again do you think? I recently found some beautiful cashmere I'd bought years ago in a delightful shade that is perfect to edge a shawl i'm working on at the moment.
    Have a lovely weekend

  12. Your pieces are looking beautiful! How wonderful to be seeing flowers. We are finally going to get some warmer temperatures starting tomorrow which I hope will melt the snow away!

  13. Looks like we are working on the same goal.I too have been using up my wool stash off odds and ends similarly.Your summer blanket is looking stunning x

  14. Stash busting is so much fun, there is something so satisfying knowing that you are making use an your stash is dwindling down(probably because then thoughts move to building it up again...or is that just me?)

    1. No it's not just you Emma haha I have been looking around for new additions to the stash x

  15. Lovely grannt squares and I love the gorgous bright colour in you summer throw, have a great weekend
    Clare x

  16. I love the colours of your blanket, I am sure is gonna look very nice once finished :)

    Have a lovely weekend!!

    Lluisa xx

  17. I love the bold border on those squares - the colours burst out! So much pretty crochet here...though I had to giggle when you found the extra ball of yarn, I remember being so amazed by the size of that blanket! How much bigger can it get... Chrissie x

  18. Just when we are starting to see signs of Spring a cold front is blowing in this weekend. Love all your colorful projects.

  19. Your blanket is looking so pretty! The colors are beautiful. Keep it up, that's going to be an incredible blanket when it's all done.

  20. Wonderful projects!! ♥ Grannies are always so fun to make :-)
    Sunny greetings, Nata


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