Thursday, 20 February 2014

Granny Blanket CAL

Hello to you...
Hope your week has gone well so far?
On an evening, when I finally sit down, I've been hooking away on this granny blanket. As I know the pattern, its pretty mindless for me so I can watch TV, listen to my partner talking about his day or read blogs.
I do enjoy my evening when tea is cooked and daughter's snuggled up in bed - time to relax!
So here it is...quite neutral and beige for me but I fancied a change and a rest for my eyes!
It's not huge but it fits nicely around my shoulders.
I've put the blanket on the back of my sofa, so it's at a reachable distance for chilly nights...
You never know, I might extend it at some point.
It's great how something so simple can please you so much and make such a difference to your home.
What is it they say about simple things pleasing little minds? Haha.

Well, I shall be off now to catch up with my blog reading and hopefully be inspired by one of you lovely people...not sure what to crochet next... hmm...
Joy would say a quilt....don't know if i'm ready for that yet!

Hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend.


  1. It's good to have some restful neutrals around isn't, something easy on the eye. Your blanket looks just perfect!
    Gill xx

  2. What a beautiful creation. The benefit of going neutral is perfect for the changing colors we surround ourselves with!

  3. Beautiful blanket, the bonus of a neutral colour is it still fits in when you change the colour scheme in a room.

  4. The blanket is lovely! It's good to have a project that you can just work away at without too much thinking. The neutral colour looks great too.
    Marianne x

  5. I know what you mean, sometimes simple things are magical!!! hehehe.... I love cozy and relaxing evenings too.

    Lluisa x

  6. Oh definitely simple is best. There is nothing better than having a great blanket to grab and snuggle under and the neutral colours means it will go with any decor x

  7. Well FB, do you know something? I really really like this in all it's beigeness, and without a border - and as you say, it will be easy to add to later if you fancy growing it - or not! Did you just start with a granny square and keep going? I think it's very tasteful and beautiful, so well done girl.
    Don't worry about me teasing you re quilting, if and when the urge takes you you'll do it and I know you'll do it well so don't rush it. I'm really enjoying seeing all your wonderful creations and am curious about what your next project will be.
    Hugs, Joy xo

    1. Hello Joy
      Yes! basically its just a massive granny square :)
      I'm curious about what my next project will be too....I seem to have a bit of a creative blockage at the moment.
      Hope you've enjoyed a lovely weekend.
      Speak soon.
      FB xxx

  8. Your blanket is lovely and there is nothing wrong with enjoying the simple pleasures of life!! Much better to enjoy those than constantly be seeking something that is unattainable! Whatever you decide to make next I am sure that it will be lovely! xx

  9. I love your afghan and am surprised by how much I love it because I tend to shy away from solid-color projects. But with the neutral beige, it turned out really nice. Very classy. I can see myself enjoying something similar. Nicely done!

  10. I love Granny Blankets, whether they are square or stripes, and your right they are just perfect for the evenings when all you want is simple. Your colour choice is lovely and it will certainly help keep the chillyness away.
    Sally xxx

  11. I also love your blanket! It's like loving vanilla ice cream, it might not be flashy, but doggone it, It's GOOD!
    I must tell you, I saw from your post from last week that you made a heart garland or bunting over your fireplace using Lucy's pattern for hearts from Attic 24. Guess what, I did the same thing! In fact, I have made one as a giveaway...visit my blog and enter it why don't you?
    You have a lovely blog and you crochet beautifully!
    Kay xx

  12. The blanket is beautiful. The neutral tone will go with everything! The most simple things make me the happiest. It is such a true statement :)

  13. Oh, I do love neutrals, and that blanket looks like the most perfect calming bit of hooking one can have! Chrissie x

  14. What a sweet blog you have! Found you from another blog, you know how that goes, and I just had so much fun exploring your delights. Have a good weekend. Your work is lovely.

  15. Lovely blanket! I think the neutral, creamy shades look very stylish!
    Helen xx

  16. I think simple is often the way to go, it is beautiful, relaxing and fast. I love your crochet.

  17. Think its nice sometimes to use neutral colours, makes a change.Change is good, and your blanket is lovely x

  18. Sometimes neutral is so relaxing - no colour decisions to make, only texture and pattern. I love the idea that it might not be finished, that you might add to it at some point in the future. x


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