Thursday, 10 October 2013

CK Inspired Blanket and A Day With My Love

Hello to you.
Hope I find you all well?
I enjoyed a quiet weekend visiting my parents and having some fresh air in the garden.
Chrissie Crafts
I'm joining the CAL with the lovely Chrissie and Marianne
I'm afraid its not blooming today but it is crochet! and I now am the proud owner of Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers! So some more flowery posts on the way.
Well it's getting there. Nearly finished. I've been hooking away a few lines at a time, taking my time and enjoying the bright cheery colours as I go.
It's very cosy around the shoulders!
My partner and I enjoyed a rare treat...a Monday off and time to spend together.
Being members of the national trust, and my partner needing fresh air, we went along to Erddig, a beautiful house and garden.
Firstly I must show you the beautiful Dahlias they had, it's certainly Dahlia season there!
The yellow one in the last photo was bigger than my hand, stunning.

1, Erddig house.
2, A lawn roller/mower hiding under the walkway. 
3, Lots of Autumn colour in the walled garden.
4, Clock house.

1, My favourite part of the garden, a small walled garden within the larger one.
2, Red Rose.
3&4, Lots and lots of snap dragons! (Antirrhinum)

Bloom upon blooms and a cheeky ladybird.
The woodland play area.
1, Camp fire circle.
2, Tent canopy.
3&4, Beautifully carved wolves from tree trunks.
Cute little van and mirror carp in the pond.
Tortoiseshell Butterfly. So beautiful.
 Some Autumn blooms from our garden this week.
The snails have moved into our fennel, it's covered!
Getting outdoors always makes me feel more alive.
 Well, I hope that your week is going well and you have some time to breath in some fresh air.
Thank you so much for your comments on the last post, I really did enjoy making that hat.


  1. Your crochet might not have been floral, but it is lovely! The flowers in your other pics more than make up for the crochet not being flowery. Amy xx

  2. Is there anything more fun to crochet than a granny stripe blanket? Sheer joy, and yours is so bright and cheery! Thanks for linking up - and I love the pics from your day off with your beau! Chrissie x

  3. CK inspired blanket is beautiful! Would you share the pattern...I recognize the DC but can not seem to get the same results.....thanks a bunch.

    1. Thank you. I haven't really used a pattern, I learnt from a great tutorial on this blog
      if you copy and paste the above address it might help? Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. Beautiful crochet, your photos made me feel like I was breathing in the fresh air with you (love the wolf carvings) :) xx

  5. A fabulous granny stripe blanket with such gorgeous colours, I absolutely love it. Stunning pictures especially the flowers.

  6. I'm with you on the joys and benefits out getting out. I like the colours in your afghan too. They match the flowers you've taken in the photos you've shared.

  7. Your blanket is looking so pretty. I love those cheerful, bright colors! This place you visited looks beautiful, I'm glad you had the chance to get out together. :)

  8. Your granny stripe blanket looks wonderful. What size crochet hook did you use? That looks a great day out at Erdigg, the gardens look amazing.Sarah x

    1. Hello Sarah. I'm using a size 4mm hook seems to give the tension I want :) I really enjoyed your coastal photos this week x

  9. The colours on that blanket are lovely! And cant believe how pretty all the flowers are. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I just love that blanket, the colours are really nice. x

  11. Hiya FB, I'm really loving your gorgeous blanket with it's beautiful clean, bright colours - you're doing a fab job with it!
    I also love your pics from Erddig; it looks to be a fabulous place, and your flower shots are wonderful too, thanks so much for sharing (with us) your lovely day out with your partner, and I'm so glad he was up to getting out and about again. Pity about the snails in your fennel - I guess they have to go somewhere eh, haha!
    You can't beat getting out and enjoying mother nature's gifts so I hope your weekend involves more of these beautiful activities!
    Warm hugs, Joy xo

    1. Hello Joy.
      Aw thank you...
      Yes he's much better now hopefully over it. I don't really mind the snails I quite like them really when there not eating my plants hehe. I know I really love to get outside. Just heading over to your blog now to see what you've been up to :) xx

  12. Your blanket is beautiful - so bright and cheery and I love seeing all the photos :) The wolves are stunning!
    I love Dahlias :) I have one in my garden out back with those lovely large flowers - I have to dig it up and bring it inside soon - so I will be able to enjoy it again next summer. Thank you for sharing :) Rhondda

  13. I just love your blanket, it is looking fab, and thank you for linking up to the CAL! Looks like you had a lovely day out with your partner, it looks like such a lovely place to visit and thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.
    Marianne x

  14. Your is gorgeous, I love the colours. It looks like you had a fab day out together, great photos. Have a good weekend. Deb x

  15. Love your blanket great colours and it's so neat! Great to see your photos too lovely to see those bright flowers and amazing wolf sculptures, hope you have a good weekend :-) x

  16. I popped over from Joy's blog, love your photos and your beautiful crochet.

  17. This is the kind of place I love to visit on a weekend. The flowers are so beautiful!!! The house is a stunner too. I'm glad you had time for this perfect day of fresh air. Your new blanket is wonderful too. I love all the vibrant colors together!


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