Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Blanket Inspired By Nature

Hello, hello.
Here I am fastening off my third blanket.
Here it is finished. Hooray!
It was a lovely project and took no time at all.

I enjoyed using the bright cheery colours.

It's like one HUGE granny square!

All folded up neatly.

It's not a large blanket but it's big enough for shoulders or a lap.
I really did feel inspired by my mum's lovely posy of flowers from her garden.
I have found using nature for colour schemes very useful.
Thank you Joy for opening my eyes to it.
Hope you're all having a lovely week?
Thank you to all the lovely people who commented on my last post.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous blanket FB - you are a clever girl and I LOVE the colours you've chosen! The pink edge is just right, I think - so neat, and really sets the blanket off well!
    Your Mum's flowers are so sweet - can't beat fresh flowers in the home, especially when they're a gift from a thoughtful loved one!
    Joy xo

    1. Well it was you who kept telling me to look at nature for colour schemes. I keep snapping away photos of lovely colours now to use in the future. nature has it sussed as do you!
      Hope your having a lovely weekend.
      Oh I picked up the doodle stitching book from my local library looks really good xx

    2. Oh do enjoy the book FB - you'll probably want a copy for yourself!
      Thank you for the lovely compliment - part of the beauty of blogging is sharing info and encouraging others - you do the same for me and many others! Thank YOU! xo

  2. Very lovely blanket - the colours are so bright and happy :)

  3. What a stunning blanket but it's not surprising with such colourful inspiration ~ Sarah x

  4. The colours in your blanket are fabulous, love your nail polish too ;-)x

  5. So beautiful! What a compliment to your mum's flowers.

  6. This is a beautiful blanket! Thanks for sharing. I definitely love the colors.
    Marisa from

  7. That's a lovely blanket. I need to finish my seaside inspired blanket, it's taking ages because it's big and I keep doing other projects! x

  8. It's really pretty. You did a great job with it.

  9. Congratulations on finishing it! Love those bright posy-inspired colors. xoxo

  10. Your blanket is really, really lovely. Such beautiful fresh, bright colours.
    M x

  11. Wow your blanket is so lovely, no better inspriration than nature, I keep dreaming of making a blanket is sweet pea hues, but I trying to resist as I've so many ongoing project.
    Clare x

  12. I think I need some granny square advice from an expert - how do you get you square to stay flat? Mine keep rising up in the middle. I can't block it as its acrylic wool

    1. When I first started granny squares mine did that! I found that when I got my tension sorted they worked out a bit better. I tend to just use trail and error. Thank you for calling me an expert it made me giggle! Hope that made sense x


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