Saturday, 30 March 2013

Lifes A Beach

A sunny day by the sea
Yesterday was a lovely day in North Wales the sun was shining and it was starting to feel like spring. We all piled in the car and took a trip to the coast. The snow has been very pretty and created some beautiful scenery on the way.
Pretty fresh day up on the mountains the air was very refreshing.
Snow piled high at the sides of the roads.
My daughter checking out the view
We've arrived! and theres no snow hooray! it looks like spring.
Being in such a scenic place I thought I'd take advantage of it and photograph my newly finished bunting ever  the opportunist!
My thanks goes to Jaquie
again for such a great easy to follow pattern x
Here it is all finished!
Blowing away in the sea air
My favourite picture of it hanging from a beach hut.
We stopped of at Portmerion where they filmed the prisoner and are famous for their pretty pottery designs it's a truely unique place that makes you feel like your aboard in wales (not an easy thing I assure you)


A lovely day out with the family hope your all having a great Easter weekend x


  1. Beautiful bunting! Portermerion looks like a pretty place with all the colorful buildings.
    Enjoy and have a happy Easter! :)

    1. Thank you very much
      Yes it is a very colourful place, it's a very strange place to find on the welsh coast.
      Hope you have a lovely Easter :)


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